Why Double Stack?

There are advantages and disadvantages to adding another filter to your solar telescope.  This is called double stacking.  This video will help you to decide whether you want to double stack your telescope or not.


The 152 along with the LS100 and the LS80 all utilize the DSII unit. What a DSII is a double stack filter that offers a second pressure tuner knob on the system. Basically, you’re taking your primary system from about .75 angstroms bandpass down to about .5 angstroms bandpass. You’re narrowing the band to increase the detail at that point.

Double stacking is great when imaging because you’re narrowing your bandpass to increase your detail. This is mainly notable on the surface, but you can also see it on your prominences as well. With camera work, this is especially noticeable, as cameras generally pick up even the slightest of details. Visually using the scope you will see notable detail as well.

Once you get used to double stacking with the DSII unit and using both pressure tuners, you’ll find that it’s very enjoyable to get that enhancement out of the detail.
Now what’s great about it is you can actually remove it if you like to go back to single stack and simple viewing again.

Double stacking with a DSII unit will bring you the best surface detail. Single stack will give you the best prominence detail. Now double stacking will enhance both, but if you’re very concerned about prominences, the good thing is you can remove the double stack easily by either loosening the set screws or thumb screws that are provided with the purchase.

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