Lunt 100 mm Universal Telescope

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Professional Grade APO Triplet OTA.

The 100 mm Telescope joins Lunt Solar Systems’ new Universal day and night line-up, allowing you to enjoy the complete range of astronomical observation using only one telescope!

With 100 mm of aperture, this scope is big enough to impress in any of its configurations, while retaining a transportation-friendly form factor for use during the day or night!

Like all of Lunt’s Universal Telescopes, our 100 mm supports multiple wavelength configurations.

  • Lunt 100 mm Universal Day & Night OTA
  • Ring set assembly (with dovetail & Red Dot Sun Finder handle)
  • Hard case with custom foam insert.
View a chart of Required Equipment by Viewing Type.

*Shown above with Starlight Instruments Feather Touch Focuser, not included with default purchase.  The Lunt 100 mm Telescope comes standard with Rack & Pinion focuser

Please choose options (those marked * are required):

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Blocking Filter

Lunt Blocking Filters are only required for Hydrogen Alpha viewing. Choose from 12 mm, 18 mm and 34 mm, 2" diagonal or 2" straight tube.



Choose from Rack & Pinion


Double Stack Filter for Lunt 80 mm & 100 mm Universal Telescopes

Add an internal double-stacking module to the New Lunt 80 mm or 100 mm Universal telescopes for a lowered bandpass of <0.5 Angstroms!

The SFPT Double Stack Unit includes a pressure tuner for true Doppler tuning.


Lunt White Light Solar Wedges

Lunt White Light Solar Wedges for daytime use: Choose between 1.25" or 2".


Polarizing Filters for White Light Wedges

Polarizing Filters for Lunt White Light Wedges: Choose between 1.25" or 2".


Lunt Calcium K Module

Lunt Calcium K Module: Choose from 12 mm and 18 mm in 2" Star Diagonal or 2" Straight Tube.


Lunt Zoom Eyepiece

Lunt 7.2 mm - 21.5 mm Zoom Telescope Eyepiece. 1.25" barrel.

Lunt flat-field solar telescope eyepieces are coated with 0.1% anti-reflective coatings — the same coatings we use on our etalons!

Use for nighttime and daytime viewing.


Lunt Eyepiece Set

5 piece set: 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm, 27 mm. 1.25" barrel.

Eyepieces also sold individually.


1.25" Star Diagonals

Use for Lunar, Planetary, Deep Space viewing: Choose between 90º and 45º, 1.25".

Out of stock


Lunt 0.8X Reducer/Field Flattener for Nighttime Imaging with the 80, 100 & 130 mm Universal Telescopes

Field Flattener/Reducer for Lunt Universal Telescopes


Tecnosky Horizon Binoviewer

With Horizon binovew you can observe galaxies, clusters and other deepsky objects with a 400mm F/4,5 dobsonian at only 100 x with a pair of 18mm wide field eyepieces or observer at only 50x with a 150 F/6 achromat!



Feather Touch Focusers

Ultra-smooth coarse/fine focus knobs (10:1 Ratio)
Glare resistant black internal baffling
Durable hardened stainless steel, steel, and aluminum construction
**Starlight Instrument Focusers ship separately from Telescope Purchases


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Enjoy everything the Sun has to offer — prominences, surface granulation, active regions, filaments and more seem to leap from our closest star, all captured in the stellar quality performance you expect from a Lunt Telescope.

When the Sun sets, simply remove your hydrogen alpha module, replace your focuser, and let the nighttime in!

The Lunt 100 mm packs a powerful triplet ED APO lens (FPL53 glass) that will guide you across the Milky Way in stunning detail. Now you have a top-of-the-line, extra-low dispersion (ED) nighttime telescope to view planets, stars, the Moon and anything else in between!

Lunt 100 mm Telescope Specifications

  • Telescope Type: Universal Day and Night
  • Universal Capabilities: H-alpha, CaK, White Light, Lunar, Planetary, Deep Space, Terrestrial.
  • Aperture: 100 mm
  • Objective Type: Professional Grade APO Triplet
  • Objective Material: FLP53
  • Objective Coating: Ion Assist Broadband AR
  • Focal Ratio: F/7
  • Focal Length: 714 mm
  • Focuser Options: Dual Speed Rack and Pinion, or Dual Speed Feather Touch
  • Mounting: CNC Mounting Rings and Vixen Style Dovetail
  • Storage: Aluminum Finished Hard Case with Fitted Foam
    H-alphaEtalon Type: Modular
  • Etalon Wavelength: 656.28 nm
  • Etalon Bandpass: <0.65 Å Single Stack, <0.45 Å Double Stack
  • Etalon Material: UV Grade Fused Silica
  • Telescope Weight: 12.7lbs
  • Etalon Tuning: Doppler True Barometric Pressure Tuning
  • Doppler Shifting: Instant
  • Blocking Filter Size: 12 mm, 18 mm, 34 mm, Diagonal and Straight Through
  • Blocking Filter Bandpass: 6 Å
  • Sun Finder: Red Dot Sun Finder Handle
  • CaK* Filter Type: Rear Mount CaK Diagonal
  • Filter Sizes: 12 mm, 18 mm, Diagonal and Straight Through
  • Filter Wavelength: 393.4 nm
  • Filter Bandpass: 2.2 Å
  • White Light* Filter Type: Front Mount Film Filter, Rear Mount White Light Wedge
  • Filter Bandpass: Broadband White Light. AR/UV Blocking
  • Lunar, Planetary, Deep Space, Terrestrial: Converts to a conventional professional grade APO triplet for all your nighttime requirements. See optional equipment for additional specifications.
  • Theoretical Max Magnification: 175 x

*Optional Capabilities


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