130 mm Universal Telescope

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Lunt products are the best available anywhere. We hand-build and hand-test everything we make.

World-Class Service

We put customer service first, from our US-based personal help desk to expert collimation and bench testing.

Image Capture

Get everything you need to capture images of what you see through the scope.

Working with NASA

Our award-winning team will be live-streaming the 2024 Solar Eclipse with NASA.

What Lunt Telescopes Can Do

Lunt telescopes are the most capable, the highest quality, and the best value available.

Universal Telescopes

Enjoy day and night viewing with a single telescope!

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White Light

We are the world’s leading provider of solar telescopes.

Our proprietary Doppler Tuning is unmatched by any other manufacture for quality and viewing performance. When you buy Lunt, you are buying the best available solar telescope in its class.

Lunt products were used by NASA to image the 2017 USA Eclipse from Carbondale. Lunt products also were used by NASA for the transit of Venus and Mercury, and by National Geographic for the Easter Island Eclipse. Our products are ideally suited for imaging, able to capture full disk images with rapid Doppler tuning and easy CCD adaptation.

We dedicate ourselves to providing high quality products for hobbyists and amateur astronomers. All our solar telescopes use a redundant system of filters for maximum safety. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of astronomy or a keen observer of the skies, you can’t find a higher quality solar telescope or telescope accessories. Lunt Solar Telescopes are built in the USA for those that desire to take in the full beauty of the sun.

Safety Approved

All Lunt products are 100% safe — ISO safety approved and SUNsafe certified.

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