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The Lunt SunLab

The Lunt Sunlab was built by Lunt Solar in 2017 for NASA for the “great American Eclipse” project. A highly successful project that broadcast the eclipse in many digital formats in 2017 from Carbondale, Illinois. The SunLab will be re-built at Lunt Solar in Tucson and will be a mobile and robotic facility that will capture the daily activity…

Lunt Solar Monthly News Archives

Lunt Solar Monthly News Archives

Never miss an edition of the Lunt Solar Monthly News!  Take a look back at some of the images, articles and prizes given away over the last few months.  Have a question or comment?  Would you like to submit a photo to be considered for a spot in one of the Newsletters?  Email us here….

LS50THa Lunt Solar Telescope

In Stock Items – December Special: Free Shipping

It’s that time of year again!  So, to make your purchasing decision a little easier we have listed of all of our current in-stock items. When you purchase one of the listed in-stock items your shipping is free (in the continental United States only).  Whether it’s a telescope, the latest and greatest SUNocular or some accessories we…

Lunt Instagram Lifestyle Image w: Actors Lenses

Lunt is Hiring

Lunt is currently hiring for the following positions: Outside sales person. Optical/Mechanical Technician. Machine shop coordinator. For more information on these openings please contact Nicolas Lopez at for more information. Openings will be updated on a weekly basis.

Find Your Corona (part 1)

Where will you “Find Your Corona©“… With less than 2 years to the Solar event of our lifetime it’s not too early to start making plans for this event. It will be viewed by many millions of people and the ONLY place worth being is along the path of totality. I have mentioned the 2017…

SUNocular (TM) Solar Binoculars

Lunt Solar Systems is proud to announce the new SUNocular (TM) Solar Binoculars. The Lunt 8 x 32 White Light SUNoculars. With this pocket sized instrument you can view and safely study Eclipses, Planetary Transits, and Sun Spot activity/magnetic storms. Compact, Lunt SUNoculars have a front mounted fully dense white light glass filters making Solar…

Limited Run

Lunt is pleased to announce the next run of LS230T/B3400/PT Solar Systems. This run will be limited to 10 instruments. However, we are excited to be offering these systems as the Double Stack version with dual USB/PC Pressure Tune control. Specifications: Objective: IR coated (Energy Rejection) 230mm doublet optimized at 656nm f/ratio: 7 Etalon 1:…

Nice Lift Off Today

We’re back in the office !!! I hope everyone had a chance to view the Sun at would be about 2:30 thru 3:30PM (Arizona Time). A very nice prominence has been evolving all day, swirling and changing shapes. I have been testing since early this morning and have really enjoyed watching the transformations. I suspect…

Great Activity Today !

Tucson, Arizona has cooled some from last week. One week ago today it was 90 degrees, today we are in the low 70s.. oooh that’s chilly… Along with the cooled temps has come some nice transparent skies. I was testing today and I am very delighted to see several good active areas and as many…

Limited Edition LS75F/HR Un-Obstructed

A HR LS75F Un-obstructed filter with matchable BF at <0.6Angstroms (single stack). During the process of R&D I have been working with new coating technologies that are very low stress and very high finesse. As you know, these coatings will be made available in the new LS152T. One of our recent projects was the manufacture…

First Week of November (Last Part)

As of November 1st we officially began to move into our new expanded facilities next door. Our landlord, Steve, has been nice enough to let us store our cases, shipping containers etc. over there for the last few months until the facilities were ready. The new facilities increased our square footage by about another 40%….

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