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Lunt Solar Systems, based in Tucson Arizona, is the world’s leading manufacturing and sales facility that designs, fabricates, assembles, and tests solar telescopes and solar filters.

Lunt has 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of various devices that are approved and ISO certified as protective eyewear and optics.

We have a long history of working with US government entities, including NASA and the US Air Force, as well as numerous educational institutions:

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Safety is our number-one priority and our product testers have the experience necessary to determine whether a unit actually passes or fails quality control criteria. In addition, Lunt is an experienced supply chain distributor with experience coordinating the distribution and sale of over 5 million NASA-approved solar protective glasses during the 2017 US Solar Eclipse.

No other astronomical product requires a higher level of quality control than a solar instrument.

We do our very best to provide a quality product at an affordable price. We are also very proud to put “Made in the USA” on all our telescopes and filter products. Whether you are looking for a dedicated solar telescope or a solar filter for your own astronomy telescope, we can help.

Andy Lunt, Founder/Chief Designer

The Lunt Team

andrew-lunt OWNER/DESIGNER-contact

Andrew Lunt

Founder/Chief Designer

With more than 20 years of experience in optics, design, product testing and manufacturing; Andrew Lunt is committed to designing and producing quality products for the hobbyist astronomer and occasional enthusiast. Andrew takes great pride in his team at Lunt Solar Systems for their innovation and quality design of each product.

Markus-Ludes OPTICAL

Markus Ludes

Head of Optics

Our Head of Optics, Markus Ludes, is the best in the business. With his vast knowledge and years of hands on experience, Markus is a key member of the optics team. His quality designs and product testing skills have helped Lunt Solar Systems create some of the most sophisticated and safe optical systems.

Brian Stephens

Lead Design Engineer

Since the company’s inception, Brian Stephens has been the man with the plan for all of our product development needs. With a background in optics as well as assembling and troubleshooting optical systems; Brian’s dedication to high quality systems has helped our team to produce truly intuitive products that everyone can use.

Brandon Keith

Senior Optician

Meet our jack of all trades, Brandon Keith. Brandon is our expert craftsman when it comes to product design. His experience building, assembling, and inspecting optics products makes him a cut above the rest in the workshop.

Faye Roman

Head of Customer Support

We know that many of our customers may be new to the astronomy hobby scene. That’s why Faye Roman has been our Head of Customer Support since 2012. So whether you have questions regarding how to get started or how to maintain your solar systems equipment, Faye is ready to answer all your questions. Her dedication to our customers’ needs makes our team all the more invested in producing innovative and easy to use products.

David Fonseca

Lead Optics Preparation Advisor

Another key player in the workshop, David Fonseca is our lead preparation advisor. David takes care of all the major optics components from lenses to filters to eyepieces. His passion for his work and his impeccable skills are what make Lunt Solar Systems products high quality.

Jennifer Lunt

Marketing & Administration Manager

Joining the team in 2015, but in the background since the beginning, is Jennifer Lunt. If you follow us on Social Media, read our newsletter or upload your solar images to our User Image Gallery, you’ve most likely engaged with her. She also takes care of all Lunt Staff Administrative duties. Another valuable team member making sure the Lunt ship runs smoothly.

Mariah Jensen

Front Office Support

Since 2020, Mariah Jensen has been ensuring nothing falls through the cracks as our Front Office and Customer Support Specialist. She keeps her finger on the pulse of all things at Lunt Solar and makes sure to keep the team on track and the customers informed. She came to us with a keen knowledge of spreadsheets and fantastic organization and multitasking skills. Need a delivery status or have a message you need to get to tech support?
She can help.

The Best Customers Service

We answer the phone. We’ll do whatever we can to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. It doesn’t matter if you have a low-level or high-level question, we’re happy to answer it.

Our competitors’ idea of “support” often means making you send back defective products over and over until you receive a good one.

We manufacture all Lunt products in the USA. We put every product through a rigorous set of quality control tests before shipping. If you ever encounter a problem or have a question, we’re here for you with a level of personal attention unique in our industry.

Customer Testimonials

White Light Solar Wedges 1

This is an extremely well made instrument that makes solar observing in white-light a new experience. My recent comparisons with high-end films and glass filters have proven to me that solar detail through the wedge is superior. I was concerned about heat issues, but when observing with a 4″ refractor for an hour or more, the red disk never became too hot for comfort. The Lunt Herschel Wedge has brought quality sunspot observing back into my daily routine.

Forrest Lockhart

The Lunt PC-USB Pressure Tuner Controller allows incredibly precise control of the view from the scope. After trying hand tuning the scope while both visually and photographic viewing, this device makes the setup process quite straightforward and repeatable in comparison. Tuning can be done at a distance which allows the scope to be unperturbed while viewing. I am glad that I purchased this instrument to improve my viewing!

LS100THa Lunt Solar Telescope

Have been using this scope for over a year. Totally tricked out with the FT focuser, B1800 BF, and DSII module. All I can say is wow, wOW, and WOW. I’m mainly a visual observer so chose this particular model as its the minimum size required to see spicules (fuzz around the suns edge). Do yourself a favour and hang a binoviewer off it. I do and to be honest I could sit and stare at the sun all day! Pressure tuning, yes that’s the only way to fly! This scope is a keeper, forever. Thanks Lunt!

Robert A

Lunt Company History

Founder Andrew Lunt worked for other solar telescope companies for several years, developing new technologies and writing several patents along the way. In 2007, Lunt Solar Systems was founded, and a year later the first line of Lunt Solar Telescopes was produced.

Among the innovations that enabled Lunt Solar Systems to produce state-of-the-art telescopes right away was The Doppler True Pressure Tuning system that uses barometric pressure to precisely and instantly tune the etalon.

Lunt developed manufacturing techniques and technologies that enabled the company to produce scientific-grade etalon flats at a fraction of their previous cost. Another innovation was inserting the etalon in the middle of the telescope instead of just putting it on the end. This enabled a smaller etalon to be used for an even better view compared to previous technologies.

Popular Science magazine wrote about the pressure tuning system in 2009 and awarded Lunt a Best of What’s New award.

Lunt Solar Systems has grown into one of the most respected companies producing solar telescopes, and now offers its Universal line of Day and Night Telescopes.

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