This Warranty is extended by LUNT Solar Systems to the original purchaser of the LUNT Solar Systems product. Lunt Solar does not provide warranty service to used or second hand equipment.

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LUNT Solar Systems warrants its products to be free of manufacturing and workmanship defects under normal use for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. LUNT Solar Systems will repair or replace such product or part, of which upon inspection by LUNT Solar Systems, is found to be defective in materials or workmanship.

LUNT Solar Systems reserves the right to change product specifications or to discontinue products without prior notice. LUNT Solar Systems reserves the right to replace any products, which have been discontinued from its product line, with a new product of comparable value and function.

NOTE: If you purchased a Lunt product from a Lunt dealer, and that product is found to be damaged upon receipt, you must contact the Lunt dealer from whom you purchased the product for information on their return policy for product inspection and repair. This includes any and all international purchases.

Only products purchased directly from the Lunt facility can be returned directly to the Lunt facility for inspection, if damaged upon receipt.

Lunt take every precaution in trying to assure that our products reach the customer in the same condition that it left the factory. However, when using commercial shipping companies there are potential risks and sometimes the product is not handled in a way that ensures a safe delivery. Please inspect your shipment carefully upon arrival, and contact your dealer if you find a problem with the shipment.

Please inspect your shipment carefully upon arrival, and contact the company from whom you purchased if you find a problem with the shipment.

Lunt Solar Telescopes and Filter products generally contain a very specialized filter called and etalon. Mishandling of the product could cause this etalon to de-contact.

Lunt Solar will provide warranty service for a de-contacted etalon for up to 45 days from receipt by the customer as a result of mishandling during the shipping process. Please verify that your Solar product is in good working condition within this timeframe.

Please inspect your product carefully upon receipt.

LUNT Solar Systems is not responsible for damages or loss incurred during the shipping process.


This warranty does not extend to any product whose serial number has been defaced or altered, or to any product which LUNT Solar Systems determines to contain a defect or malfunction caused by damage while in the possession of the customer, this includes de-contacting of etalon.De-contacting of the etalon only occurs if the product is subjected to shock, i.e. dropped and/or mishandled. The above descriptions may include incorrect installation, maladjustment, misuse, negligence or attempted servicing by the consumer, or by a failure on the part of the consumer to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance.Further, LUNT Solar Systems reserves the right to disallow any products from warranty coverage that are deemed to have been received by the end customer in other than factory-sealed condition. Again; All products are to be inspected by the customer when received.