Pressure Tuning vs Tilt Tuning

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There are two tuning methods that Lunt uses to build our Solar Telescopes. Pressure tuning vs Tilt tuning. They both have advantages and disadvantages. This video will help you decide which method is right for you.

There is a couple of ways to tune an H-Alpha telescope. Lunt Solar offers two ways. We have our pressure tuning technology, and we also have our tilt tune on our LS60 tilt version.

Tilt tuning is a little more mechanical in nature as it’s just basically just tilting an Etalon in a cell only a couple of degrees. That’s really all it needs.

Pressure tuning is a little different where we’re actually pressurizing a chamber where the Etalon lives, changing the defractive index inside that cavity bring the system onto band.

Both systems work well, and tilt tuning is a time tuning method. Pressure tuning does offer a little more finesse, but both are a great way to view in H-Alpha.