Components of a Lunt Solar Telescope

There are a number of choices when buying a Solar Telescope. Double Stacking, what focuser to get, what blocking filter to buy. This video will show you what the different parts of a solar telescope are and where they go.


Hi, I’m Faye Roman, your Lunt customer service representative. I wanted to talk a little bit today about the components of your Lunt solar telescope. Now here next to me, I have our LS80, and this is in its basic shell form more or less. We have our OTA here 80 mm. This is our H-Alpha module. See our pressure tuner knob here.

So for our LS80, we offer the DSII module. Now the way we put that on is right on the back of the H-Alpha module. It has three thumb screws; you will also get optional thumb screws if you prefer to use those. Simply tighten them down. Double stacking a Lunt solar scope is a great way to narrow your bandpass and increase your detail. The LS80m, the LS100, and 152, all utilize an internal double stack that has an extra pressure tuning knob.

Double stacking on our 60 and 50 is actually done with a front mounted filter that uses a tilt mechanism, but you still get the narrower bandpass and the added benefit of that filter.

Another essential component to your Lunt Solar Telescope is your focuser. In my hand here I have our Starlight feather touch upgrade. We also offer the Crayford focuser or on the 50 the helical focuser. For scopes that take the Crayford or Starlight feather touch, this is how you out the focuser on. Simply put it in there and tighten the three set screws that are around the collar. Now your focuser is secure.

The last essential component on your Lunt Solar Telescope is your blocking filter. Now, this actually has a narrow bandpass of its own and will complete your system rendering it Sun safe. Simply slide it into the collar of the focuser here, tighten the tension screws, and now your blocking filter is secure.

So now you have your essential components set up on the scope. The last thing you need to actually view through the scope is an eyepiece. You just go ahead and drop that into the eyepiece cup here and tighten up the compression ring. And now it’s securely in place.

To make lining up, the Sun easier and make your viewing a little more enjoyable; we offer the Teleview Sol Searcher. This little Sol Searcher will actually tell you exactly how to orient it. The front side will say “to the Sun.” I’ll go ahead and put it on here and tighten down the screws. This will aid in your alignment and set up and make it quicker to get out and view.

So now we have our fully assembled Lunt telescope here. We have our OTA, our H-Alpha module, our additional double stack option, feather touch focuser, your blocking filter, eyepiece, and your Sol Searcher. Now you’re ready to go out and enjoy the Sun.

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