Why a Dedicated Solar Telescope?

Do I need a dedicated solar telescope to view the Sun?  Out of the many choices that you have when viewing the Sun, what will give you the safest and clearest views. This video will help you to decide what’s best for you.


There’s many ways to view the Sun out there. There’s white light filters, there’s calcium K filters, and there’s H-Alpha filters. Now we offer all of them. But dedicated solar telescope with H-Alpha is definitely something special.

You have everything you need in one telescope to be able to view the sun all day long. You also have our pressure tuning technology which allows you to have a nice even illumination with both your viewing and with your Imaging.

With each type of filter you’ll have different features you can see. Now with white light you will generally be viewing spots or things of that nature, with very little surface granulation. Same thing goes for calcium K. Where many people can’t really view it but must image it do to where it is in the Spectrum.

Now with H-Alpha what you get is nice surface granulation. Movement on the Sun. You can actually see the prominences coming off the side of the Sun. Now this makes for a very exciting viewing experience.

When choosing between a dedicated H-Alpha telescope or a filter set there is a couple things to keep in mind. If you’re going with the filter set you’ll need to get a adapter plate to fit it to your system. You’ll also not likely have the optimized coatings that we have on our OTAs.

With the dedicated H-Alpha scope you’ll have fully optimized coatings and our pressure tuning technology.  Pressure tuning offers a nice even illumination across the disk of the Sun. A lot of times with the filter sets you might see a little bit of a sweet spot or banding. This can be a little bit troublesome when imaging.

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