How to Safely View the Sun

The Sun can do irreparable damage to your eyesight. So how do you safely view the Sun?  At Lunt Solar Systems, we take solar viewing safety very seriously. This video will help you understand the safety features of the Lunt solar telescopes.


Here at Lunt Solar, safety is of the utmost importance. In each of our scopes we employ  a series of filters to make sure you have a safe view.

Now throughout the tube you’ll find a series tube you’ll find a series of ERFs and lenses that cancel out any sort of harmful rays that may reach you.  This will also keep the scope from getting too hot when you’re looking through it.

Now it’s important to remember that when you have a Lunt Solar System you need to have a complete system and that includes the blocking filter. It’s a very important part of the system.  As long as all components are in place, you can view the Sun safely with our systems.

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