Choosing the Right Blocking Filter

Choosing the right blocking filter will depend upon what you intend to use your Lunt Solar Telescope for. This video will help you to decide which  filter is right for your application.


Hi, I am Faye Romans, your Lunt Solar Systems customer service representative. I wanted to talk to you today a little bit about blocking filters. Now in choosing a blocking filter, the system you’re looking at will definitely come into play.


If you’re looking at an LS50, this is our smallest blocking filter the B400. Now this is great for visual use, but mainly for visual use. You also have the option of upgrading that system to a B600 blocking filter. This will allow you get a larger field of view if you’re possibly trying to image or use binoviewers on the system.


For the LS60 the smaller blocking filter option is the B600.  This is for visual use. If you want to image with the 60 you’ll want to jump up to the B1200. Now the B1200 will offer that larger field of view that your looking for and allow you more space to do your camera work.


Now the B1200 is the smallest option on the LS80.  You can also use a B1800 on the LS80. Again along the same lines of wanting a larger field of view you’ll go with the larger blocking filter.

LS100 & 152

Now once we get into the LS100 and the 152 we actually have three options. Now, we start with a B1200, we can offer the B1800 or the B3400. This is our 3400 blocking filter.  Now this is used on either the LS100 or the LS152. It’s the largest option for both scope. the reason want to get 3400 is if you’re using a large format camera or plan on using binoviewers.  Now the system thankfully can be used visually with a B3400 by simply adding a night time star diagonal. All in all a very versatile filter.

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