SunLab Image Capture & Processing

Here is a brief description of the data path from the RED 8k back.

Data leaves the DSMCII RED camera through a RED Jetpack SDI that routes the compressed data through a Gigabit Ethernet cable that goes through a 24 port router.

Directly from the router into 100tb remote servers at general compression. These will each hold 1200tbs of video data, there are currently 2 of these servers running multiple RAID drives with multiple redundancy. 

The outboard servers can then pull sessions directly from the storage servers on demand for the decompressing of the video for editing and post processing. 

In addition, coming from directly from the RED 8k Mono through the Jetpack SDI is a digital signal that is run through a LUnT colorization encoder routine that can adjust all real time video for correct color, saturation, and contrast with unlimited possibilities. 
From there the signal is run through multiple 4 input Sony monitors for any adjustment of focus or movement of the system/Sun for centering any features.

The entire image/s can be displayed on any other remote monitor/s as well, including true 8K visual. 

All these systems are backed up by many large battery backups that are capable of running the entire system for approximately one hour with their inboard batteries. However, they also have added external batteries on boarded for extended main power interruptions. 

The entire system (including lab and processor AC) can run with the onboard generator, and regular shore power. 

More pictures to follow. 

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