Find Your Corona (part 1)

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Where will you “Find Your Corona©”…

With less than 2 years to the Solar event of our lifetime it’s not too early to start making plans for this event. It will be viewed by many millions of people and the ONLY place worth being is along the path of totality.

I have mentioned the 2017 eclipse to many in passing and often get the same reply..”If it’s going to be 95% where I live, I’ll just stay home to watch it..” The fact is that you will experience a partial eclipse which is a common event. But if you have the opportunity to experience the wonder of totality by travelling a little way across the USA, your should do it! Don’t be left out.

You can imagine that a company like Lunt Solar is very much looking forward to this event. We are ramping up production and bringing on new and exciting products that will allow everyone to view the eclipse from first contact to last.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding products such as eclipse glasses, solar binoculars, do-it-yourself solar filters, eclipse books and collectables, and educational products and services to our eclipse area. We will be sending out a monthly newsletter that will include exciting content from educators and eclipse experts. Sign up for the newsletter in the eclipse section.

Lunt have developed a comprehensive business plan for the next 2 years. Part of this plan outlines investment opportunities to those that are interested. An executive summary of the investment plan will be available online soon in the upcoming “Investor Relations” area, or by contacting Lunt at . Please put “Eclipse Plan” in the subject line.

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An “almost” pocket sized instrument that allows you to view and safely study eclipses, planetary transits, and sunspot activity.