The New Website!

The new Lunt Solar Website is almost finished!
……..It is almost finished… right?……….

With DNS transfer scheduled for Wednesday, November 11 I am excited about finally starting on a website dedicated to everything Solar. With live streams in Ha and CaK, news and events, forums, galleries, and editorials provided by the users of solar equipment.

We would like to see Solar enthusiasts get involved. Jot down a few stories, ideas or experiences and submit them for the site. We will be featuring articles on past and upcoming events, your local outreach efforts, and a chance to share you knowledge of observing and imaging. And please include pictures!!

The new community area will be dedicated to everything solar it does NOT matter what brand of scope you use. I have been involved in the solar filter business since about 1998, I understand that Lunt is not the only manufacture of Solar equipment, the fact is we all share the same interests and should do what we can to promote the hobby of Solar to everyone. I am certainly proud of the equipment I helped produce before Lunt, and it is a result of that experience that I am able to push it’s continued evolution..

So put pen to paper and submit “articles of interest” to

We also need to get the word out about the new website and the blogs (there are 11 of us in this area).

The blog will be attached to the new site once the site is live..

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