Tele Vue Sol-Searcher


  • Find the Sun safely with the Tele Vue Sol-Searcher.
  • Attaches to Lunt clamshells.
  • The LS152THa requires an additional adapter.

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“I can’t find the Sun!” Sounds funny. However, the Sun is tricky to find in a properly filtered telescope, and you don’t ever want to chance a direct gaze, let alone a magnified image of it. This Sun Finder is the solution.

The Tele Vue Sol-Searcher is the safe and easy way to find the Sun. It is absolutely safe since you don’t look through Sol-Searcher, you look at it. The aperture acts as a “pinhole” which projects an image of the Sun on to the 1/4″ translucent “screen.” This screen can be viewed from either side. Simply move your scope until the Sun’s image is centered on the screen and the Sun will be in the eyepiece’s field of view.


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