Lunt PC-USB Pressure Tuner Controller


  • The Pressure Tuner Controller allows easy two-button control of any pressure-tuned telescope made by Lunt Solar Systems.
  • The PC-USB is accurate to 0.3PSI, providing very accurate and precise control of the pressure set-point.
  •  Pressure Tuner Controller automatically adjusts for internal pressure changes that take place because of fluctuations in temperature.
  • This controller can be retrofitted to a Lunt PT product without return to the factory.

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Now controllable from anywhere via a USB connection and software.

The Lunt Solar Systems Pressure Tuner Controller, or PC-USB, is a microprocessor controlled, remote operable* , pressure control system that can be retrofitted to any Lunt PT product without return to the Lunt facility. A simple 1/8″ airline connects the PC-USB to the Solar Telescope and can be installed at any length.

The PC-USB is a simple 2 button system. One button for increasing and one button for decreasing the PT pressure. Digital feedback and indicator lights are provided.

The PC-USB can run continuously on internal battery power for more than 12 hours. It has external power input (12-15 VDC) (120/240 VAC to 12 V adapter) that can power the unit and charge the internal batteries simultaneously.

All existing PT systems can be retrofitted via an adapter to the pressure tuner knob. Or, future PT units can be specified with a quick disconnect at the PT input, removing the PT knob from the telescope altogether.

Upon power up the PC-USB will go thru a systems vent and ambient pressure set mode. It can be factory or user programmed to center wavelength setpoint. Due to the sealed nature of the system, the center wavelength setpoint will remain constant at any altitude at a given set pressure point.

The Pressure Tuner Controller is accurate to 0.3 PSI, providing very precise control of the pressure setpoint. It will auto-compensate for fluctuations in internal pressure changes due to significant changes in temperature. Because the PC-USB can provide closed-loop feedback of internal etalon pressure, users can correlate change in pressure to doppler shifted events.


* USB Cables for remote usage not included


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