Lunt LS50C Compact Double-Stack Filter

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  • The Lunt LS50C is a compact double-stacking filter for the LS50THa telescope
  • It lowers the bandpass to <0.5 Angstroms
  • Screws easily onto the front of the LS50THa

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The specially-designed Lunt Solar Systems LS50C is a compact double stack filter. Notably, it was made especially for the Lunt LS50THa H-alpha Solar Telescope. The LS50C lowers the bandpass of the LS50THa to less than <0.5 Angstroms giving you truly stellar, professional quality views. The LS50C gives you the option of upgrading your single-stack LS50THa to a double stack solar telescope.  Furthermore, you can install the upgrade yourself. Because the LS50THa screws on the the front of your LS50THa, so you won’t have to send it back to our factory.

By adding a double stack filter to your solar telescope, you will be able to see a crisp, clear image of the surface prominence’s of the Sun.  This will give you the images that you need for research or just viewing enjoyment.

Please Note: This filter cannot be used without a blocking filter.

View the latest news from NASA about the Sun.

3 reviews for Lunt LS50C Compact Double-Stack Filter

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    The LS50 pressure-tuned scope is a really fine instrument. Great views of solar surface structure.

    But wow! With the tilt tune double stack, the level detail is amazing.

    PS the whole system is really precision machined. I like how the components each fit into their precut place in the transport case.

  2. Mike Wright (verified owner)

    Adding the double stack has really improved the views of surface features
    I am very pleased
    It is also a.beautifuly made and fitting component
    Love it , thank you Lunt for fine products

  3. otakar

    I have added the double stack to my Lunt 50 , very dramatic addition , Very well made .Well worth the investment.
    Thank you

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