Lunt Blocking Filters – B600, B1200 & B1800


  • A Blocking Filter is a required component when using any Lunt solar filter or solar telescope products.
  • The housing contains additional filters that are needed for safety when viewing the Sun.  Do not use a Lunt Solar Systems telescope or filter without a Lunt brand blocking filter.
  • Available in three different aperture from this drop-down list.  Choose the blocking filter that best suits your applications, focuser size, and telescope focal length.
  • The 12 mm blocking filter is offered in a 1.25″ or 2″ diagonal housing, and the 6mm & 18mm are available in a 1.25″ diagonal, 2″ diagonal, or 2″ straight-through extension tube design.   The large 34 mm blocking filter is available in a 2″ straight-through housing only, and can be purchased by clicking the link.




Lunt Solar Systems currently offers a total of four (4) blocking filter apertures for use with our Etalon systems, and they come in a selection of housing designs so that you can choose the best one for your visual or imaging applications.  Significantly, the Blocking Filter houses additional filters which are required for the safety and performance of the solar package. In addition, Lunt Solar blocking filters contain a unique filter system. Another key point is we can only warranty safety or performance when one of our blocking filters is paired with a Lunt H-alpha filter or telescope.

To pick the proper blocking filter for you, take a look at the suggestions listed below for visual use and/or imaging use. Next, match what you want to do with the focal length of the telescope you will be using for solar work. Then, choose your choice of blocking filter from the drop-down options list above for all B600, B1200 & B1800 models. You can buy the B3400 Blocking Filter, housed in a 2″ Straight Through Extension Tube, by clicking the link.

Focal Length Suggestions for Visual Use:

Focal Length Suggestions for Imaging Use:

When imaging with a Lunt Solar System it is recommended that the user opt for the next larger blocking filter than that recommended for visual use. This is due to the fact that most imaging systems require additional “back focus”.  It’s important to realize that the blocking filter be moved further up the light cone. As a result, the aperture of the blocking filter needs to be larger to allow for the larger cone size.

Lunt Solar Blocking Filter Housing Options

  • 1.25″ or 2″ diagonal with T2 connection
  • 2″ extension tube with T2 and 2″ connection, aka “straight-through”

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