130 mm Universal Telescopes

Lunt 130mm Universal Day & Night Modular Telescope
This is our best telescope for either Solar or Nighttime viewing.  Easily change from daytime viewing (through etalons) to nighttime viewing (without etalons) in minutes!
Truly the most versatile Telescope on Earth.

The Lunt 130MT joins the Lunt Solar Systems New Modular Telescope line up, allowing you to enjoy the full range of Astronomical Observation with only one telescope.
With a high quality 130mm Triplet APO Objective (FPL 51), the Lunt 130mm MT is the largest commercially available MT system and is guaranteed to impress in any configuration and provide stunningly sharp and high contrast images.

In the Solar configurations enjoy H-alpha, Calcium-k, and White Light visual and imaging with a high quality that Lunt Solar Systems is known for.

The 130mm Triplet APO will be fully appreciated when you quickly and easily reconfigure the system to view and image Night (Moon, Planets, Galaxies) and Terrestrial objects.

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