Lunt Trade-Up Program

Lunt Trade-Up Program
Lunt trade-up program allows you credit for your new scope!

The Lunt Solar Trade Up program allows people the opportunity to trade their gently used Lunt Solar Telescope or Filter in for a discount toward the purchase of a new Lunt Solar product. 

Lunt discount codes can be redeemed at checkout for any Lunt branded online purchase.

This is an opportunity to “Trade Up” to a larger aperture system or simply a newer version.

The process is simple.

  1. Fill out the online form and provide information on the product you would like to send in for evaluation.
  2. Upon submission Lunt will provide you with a pre-estimate of value based on how you rated your product for various important factors.
  3. Upon pre-acceptance Lunt will provide you with an RMA number. Note this number on the outside of the shipping box and in with the product to ensure it is tracked properly into Lunt.

(The pre-estimate is based on information you provide and is subject to change based on full inspection at Lunt for verification of esthetics and performance)

(Do not send in the product until you have an RMA number, it will be returned to sender without it).

What Happens Now?

Package the product in its original foam case and double box in an outer box using plenty of packing materials to ensure product safety during shipping.

Do not send a Doublestack front mount filter attached to the telescope. Return the filter in it’s separate case.

Upon receipt at Lunt we will evaluate your product and promptly provide you with a trade up value estimate.

Upon acceptance of the estimate you will be provided a credit in the form of a Lunt discount code which can be redeemed at checkout for any Lunt branded product online purchase.

If you choose not to accept the estimate and would like your product returned we will return the product to you and bill for return shipping costs.

What does not qualify?

  • Products with missing or defaced serial numbers.
  • Obsolete products.
  • Products that have been user altered or modified from the original design.

How much is the credit?

Generally we offer approximately 50% of the original purchase price of the product.

However, some products can receive up to 75% of original purchase price depending on product type and condition.


Decontacting is damage done to the internal filter of the Solar Telescope or Filter rendering it unusable. This is generally a result of mishandling, dropping, vibration, etc.

Lunt Solar Systems sees a fair amount of decontacted products on the used market and gets several calls a month from people who purchased used systems “sight unseen” only to receive them decontacted and in need of repair.

Decontacting can only be tested for by the user by looking through the telescope at the Sun and checking for detail. There are no external indications.

Lunt will accept some decontacted products for the trade up program but the credit offer will be significantly impacted. However, a decontacted product is a useless product and a little value may be a pleasant surprise. If your product is decontacted we can also provide an estimate for repair.

Lunt Solar Systems is not liable for any product received at our factory in decontacted or otherwise damaged condition.

What happens to my trade?

Lunt will completely refurbish most trade-in systems. (Some get re-worked and donated.)

A returned system will be completely disassembled and re-assembled (as required) replacing any worn or damaged parts and go through our standard testing and re-certification process. The system will then be re-serialized and offered for sale in our re-furbished products area with a full 5 year warranty. Generally at a significant savings vs new.

Can I use my discount code to purchase a re-furbished system? – Yes.

How can I maximize my credit?

  • Returning your product in “as close” to original condition is ideal. 
  • Make sure the product displays its original serial number.
  • Include a purchase receipt if you have one (we can generally track via serial number).
  • Try to include all lens caps.
  • Remove the focuser tension screw for shipping (it will bend).
  • Return in original foam and in original case. (double box the product in an additional box with plenty of packing material for safe shipping).
  • Do not send a Doublestack filter attached to the telescope. Return the filter in its separate case.
  • Do not attempt to user repair any minor damage to the system.

Note: You may choose to keep your Blocking Filter for use on your new system. You do not have to return eyepieces, sol searchers, adapters etc..

Get An Estimate

If you’re ready to see what your scope is worth, click on the link and complete the form for your personal estimate.

Note: The discount code is only good for the purchase of a Lunt product and has no cash value.

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