Why does Lunt have PPE?

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Lunt takes safety very seriously. I have been in the Solar Safety business for over 20 years. My business requires that we adhere to the highest of safety standards. We would never offer any product for sale that we felt did not have the highest level of protection available.

While Lunt is not in the PPE business, our business does include a family of people who do work in this industry and can be relied upon to help us source safety products for everyone. 

You can view and purchase our entire line of PPE products here.

It has been about 2 months since I first tried to purchase some masks and make them available for people to purchase at the lowest cost possible given what seems to be a long term increase in prices and issues with counterfeit products, scammers and out of stock notifications.

I initially made my purchase from a manufacturing facility in China that seemed reputable. I had noted their products being sold through various social media. After about a week of back and forth I placed the order and started the wire process.

Very shortly after I began, I started to have second thoughts (a bad feeling) so I contacted some friends in China and asked if they would go by the facility to inspect the process. (A pretty long drive). The short story is that I quickly had to cancel my wire payment and I was lucky enough to receive the funds back into my account after about a week. The manufacturing facility was selling counterfeit products. They have since been closed. (As have thousands of other counterfeit suppliers).

I was going to give up, but after researching the internet and looking at what was being sold on various social media platforms I realized that there were a lot of counterfeit products on the market. A lot of products that simply did not provide any protection against this virus (cloth masks, dust masks, etc), and prices were getting ridiculous. I still needed some PPE for my employees, my friends, and family. 

I asked my friend in China to do some research, and after a few days, and a few visits, he was able to source several manufacturing facilities that were CDC, FDA and CE approved. After about a week of negotiations they agreed to sell me some product. You can’t buy just a few, so I committed to a minimum order.

In this 2 week period the export/import rules had changed in an effort to stop counterfeit products… They are still changing. It’s been a very interesting learning process. It would make for an entertaining blog post.

The product needed to be on the China approved export list, we needed an export license, the products had to be fully inspected at the China customs before it left, required additional insurance for the flight (against theft), had to be on the approved US import list, and be inspected by US customs.

The product has arrived. We have a limited supply and probably will be unable to re-stock. We can source bulk PPE and will consult to any bulk buyer using our contacts and processes. 

Our KN95 masks are CDC and FDA approved. They are now accepted as an approved N95 alternative by the CDC and FDA.

Our Medical Protection Suits are CDC and FDA approved. They are Medical Grade and provide virus protection. They are NOT the cheap isolation suits you typically see advertised that are for painters, waste handling personnel, food prep, etc. 

Our Medical Disposable Masks from 3Q (not 3M) and are CDC and FDA approved. They are not ear loops. They have head ties typical of the medical industry. Head ties provide for a more secure use.

Our Standard Disposable Masks are ear loops. They provide good protection. They are not FDA approved, but are 5 ply material construction and an economic alternative to the KN95 version.

If you are looking for a source of PPE, or have a friend or family member who may be in need of some masks please look to Lunt. We will continue to offer the PPE products until we have sold through what we have. Please feel free to share this email or our link.

If you know someone who is in need of bulk medical PPE, we can liaise between the buyer and the manufacturing facilities to ensure they get genuine products at the lowest cost available. 

When I started this process about 2 months ago the price for a KN95 mask (ie:) was about $1.30ea. China price. Air freight was about $100/kg and flights were difficult because California and New York (the clearing hubs) were hot spots. Customs inspections were a few hundred dollars.

I negotiated my price about 3 weeks ago. 

In the last couple of weeks we have seen KN95 mask prices almost double again. They now sit at about $3 per mask FOB China. Freight is now $130/kg. and space on flights is restricted.

All in all the main costs to the PPE is Air Freight, Insurance, Inspection Fees, License Fees, US Tariffs, US Customs Fees, Broker Fees. (you get the idea). 

Lunt are not increasing our prices to match current increases. We will sell our PPE at a minimal margin based on the price we paid.

However, if we should place another order for bulk masks in the future we estimate the price to increase significantly.

Please feel free to contact Lunt by emailing [email protected] or calling our offices at 520-344-7348 with any questions. You can also visit our temporary online store area for purchasing personal needs, just click here.

We are also available to those that require bulk products. We would be happy to help you through the buying process. We can source any and all PPE products, we are not limited to what we offer in the store.

Warm Regards,

Andrew Lunt