White Light Filter for Solar Viewing

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A White Light Filter is another filter that can be used to view the Sun.  In this video we will introduce you to viewing the Sun through a White Light Filter.

Lunt Solar has a full product line for viewing the Sun. One of the simpler ways to do that is with one of our white light wedges. Now these wedges come in either a 2-inch size or a one and a quarter inch size. They can be used on any standard OTA of 100 mm or less in aperture.

If you have a nighttime refractor that’s over a hundred millimeters you don’t need to worry too much. You can simply mask down that aperture using an aperture mask. Now what the white light wedge can offer you is some nice surface granulation that you can’t always see with front-mounted filters.  You’ll also be able to see some great sunspot activity with the wedge.