What is Stephen Ramsden up to?

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With 2015 winding to a close, Lunt Solar System’s philanthropic arm- The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project (www.solarastronomy.org)- took some time to reflect back on what an incredible year it has been for their global science nonprofit.

Director Stephen W. Ramsden of Atlanta, GA, USA tells us that they have had another record-breaking year with over 350 outreach events in the United States and 32 other countries providing hands on instruction in Solar Spectroscopy. Solar Astronomy, Solar Imaging and motivational appearances lecturing on science outreach and it’s importance to the community.

CBSAP has been fortunate enough to provide absolutely free Lunt Solar Systems equipment, Celestron mounts and Rainbow Symphony solar viewing glasses to new affiliates in Bosnia, Kosovo, Columbia, Costa Rica, Brazil, The Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, the US and several other communities in the last year.

Ramsden says “It’s simple, give these students something to aspire to by sparking their scientific curiosity at an early age or watch them perhaps become radicalized or incarcerated at a later age….it’s up to us”. “Outreach must be done in a completely fee free manner and not reserved for just astronomy gatherings, they already know about science.”, Ramsden followed. “We have a duty as human beings fortunate enough to own this equipment to take it to the general public as often as possible’.

Lunt Solar Systems is happy to continue as the corporate partner of the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project and keep your eyes on this group in 2016. They always have something great going on. To become part of their efforts please join their Facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/charliebatessolarastronomyproject or go to www.solarastronomy.org