Micro Touch Focusing System for Control of 2.0″, MPA Retrofits and Micro Feather Touch® Focusers (Wireless)

Code: MKIT20-WL

Known to Fit: 

  • Most Astro Tech Refractors and the AT10/12″ RC with Stock Focuser

Use With: 

  • Any 2.0″ Feather Touch Crayford, Micro or Retrofit Focuser


In stock (can be backordered)


Wireless version of the Micro Touch Focusing System Kit  for Control’ of 2.0″, MPA Retrofits, and Micro Feather Touch® Telescope Focusers. The MicroTouch allows autofocusing of a CCD camera when interfaced with a computer (via USB). Features also include Temperature Compensation, Digital Readout, Wireless Control, and Manual Operation.

The MSM20 motor that is included in this kit will also fit most Astro Tech Refractors with the stock focuser.  Please note that part#1506 which is a small brass bushing is needed when ordering this motor for the stock Astro Tech focusers.  To verify if this will fit your stock focuser, the outside diamter of the 10:1 reduction pin of the stock focuser needs to be .096 and the outside diamter of the stainless housing needs to be .986

The MicroTouch Autotelescope focuser has been completely updated.  New features include a larger LCD screen, and increased manual focus range.

It allows automatic focusing with CCD and DSLR cameras. Included is FocusMax software to automatically focus the telescope for imaging. Manual focus is also possible using the hand controller.  You can use the Micro Touch telescope focuser to focus the telescope visually by using the IN and OUT buttons. (This is also how you will approximately focus the telescope when using a camera, before using the autofocus routine.)

The hand control features an LCD screen for displaying a digital readout of focus position as well as information used for programming the temperature compensation feature.

  • The MicroTouch allows autofocusing of a CCD camera when interfaced with a computer (via USB).
  • Features also include:
    • temperature compensation
    • digital readout
    • manual operation
  • The MicroTouch Autotelescope focuser is ASCOM compatible.

Also available is a Wired Version of the MicroTouch Auto-telescope focuser.

Included Parts:

  • Hand Control
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Focus Motor
  • Telescope Focuser Gear
  • Motor Connector Cable
  • USB Cable
  • 2 12-Volt Power Cords (AC or DC, user selected)
  • 3 Hex-Head Wrenches
  • MicroTouch Software
  • FocusMax Software

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in
2 Power Supply Cables Needed

1 AC and 1 DC Power Cable, 2 AC and 2 DC Power Cables, 2 AC Power Cable, 2 DC Power Cable


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