Lunt 40mm Dedicated Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope

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  • The New Lunt 40mm Solar Telescope is a F/10 hydrogen-alpha dedicated telescope.
  • External Full Aperture Lunt Etalon with tilt-tuning adjustment allows for a 0.65 Angstrom bandpass.

Delivery Estimate: ~2 Weeks Lead Time


Available on backorder


All Lunt 40mm H-Alpha Solar Telescope Systems require a Lunt Blocking Filter!


  • Includes Standard B500 (5mm Blocking Filter) for Visual purposes

  • Optional B600 or B1200 Blocking Filters Available (Feather Touch Focuser  Upgrade recommended for Photographic Configurations)

The excitement of viewing our Star through a dedicated solar telescope is sure to provide many many hours of visual enjoyment and educational insights. As the Sun becomes increasingly more active, your love for your instrument is sure to grow!

Images as taken through through Lunt Hydrogen-Alpha Dedicated Solar Telescopes


The All New Lunt 40mm Solar Telescope provides the basic essentials perfect for a first time introduction to solar observing. A true grab and go dedicated hydrogen alpha telescope, the Lunt 40mm F/10 system is sure to impress allowing both amateur and seasoned professions to experience  the awe inspiring phenomena of our closest Star!

Easily portable and a joy to use, the Lunt 40mm joins the Lunt Telescope line up as our smallest aperture offering, while providing the power,  amazing detail and quality you expect from a Lunt Telescope -all at an impressive ~4.0mm Solar Image Size! 

The Lunt 40mm Hydrogen Alpha Telescope includes a Non-Rotating Helical Focuser, integrated Vixen Style Dovetail, and B500 Blocking Filter for both visual and photography purposes.


Lunt NEW 40mm Dedicated Solar Hydrogen-alpha Solar Telescope Specifications: (single stacked)
Spring 2021 Availability
Starting at Only $599.00!

  • Specifications: 
  • System Wavelength: 656.28nm. Hydrogen-alpha (tuneable, dedicated)
  • System Focal Length: f10
  • Sun Image Size: 3.67mm
  • Objective: Precision Doublet (Optimized at 656nm)
  • Blocking Filter: 5mm standard (upgradeable to 6mm or 12mm)
  • Etalon Size: 40mm full aperture precision Lunt Etalon
  • Etalon Peak Transmission: >88%
  • Etalon Net Finesse: 19
  • Etalon FSR (Free Spectral Range): 12 Angstroms
  • Etalon Tuning: Conventional Tilt through +/- 1 Angstrom
  • Etalon FWHM (Bandpass): <0.65 Angstrom
  • Weight of Telescope: 2.8lbs
  • Additional Features:
  • Integrated Vixen Style dovetail plate (included) with integrated 1/4-20 tapped holes in base for camera mounts
  • Non-rotating helical focuser (included) (upgrade to FT available)
  • Sol-Searcher (Included)
  • DS (Doublestack) available by pre-order soon (Optional accessory) (not included)(Price TBD (~US$499)
  • Fitted Foam
  • Color: Pearl White with Black and Red accents
  • Suggested Accessories: (not included above)
  • Hard Case (Lunt 40mm/ LS50THa Case)
  • Lunt Zoom Eyepiece
  • Lunt 19mm Eyepiece
  • 6mm or 12mm (imaging) Blocking Filter
  • Doublestack Filter (TBD)
  • Solar Tracking Mount
  • Compare:
  • Bandpass FWHM:
  • Lunt 40mm (Single Stack): <0.65 Angstrom External Etalon
  • Coronado PST (Single Stack): Sub-Angstrom <1.0 Angstrom Internal Etalon
  • Etalon Size: 
  • Lunt 40mm: External 40mm clear aperture (no obstruction)
  • Coronado PST: Internal 18mm clear aperture (no obstruction)
  • Coronado 40mm: External 40mm obstructed
  • Tuning:
  • Lunt 40mm: Conventional front mount tilt tune
  • Coronado PST: Internal Mechanical Compression
  • Blocking Filter:
  • Lunt 40mm: 5mm standard, Upgradeable to 6mm or 12mm
  • Coronado PST: Fixed 5mm, NOT upgradeable
  • Focuser:
  • Lunt 40mm: Non-rotating Helical, Upgradeable to Feather Touch
  • Coronado PST: Internal sliding pentaprism, NOT upgradeable
  • Sun Finder:
  • Lunt 40mm: Tele Vue Sol Searcher included (alignable)
  • Coronado PST: Inegrated Sun Finder (not alignable)
  • Mount Attachment:
  • Lunt 40mm: Vixen Style dovetail with integrated 1/4-20 tapped holes for camera mounts included
  • Coronado PST: 1/4-20 tapped holes in base. Dovetail an added option
  • Country of Manufacture:
  • Lunt 40mm: USA (Tucson, Arizona)
  • Coronado PST: Mexico
  • Etalon Specification:
  • There is no comparing Lunt Etalon specifications with any other brand. Other brands simply do NOT provide their specifications. Compare and SEE the difference a Lunt Etalon makes.
The All New Lunt 40mm Dedicated Solar Telescope is available for Order Today!

Read the latest about the Sun at NASA

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 9 in

5 reviews for Lunt 40mm Dedicated Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope

  1. Michael

    Magnificent! The new scope arrived yesterday, and even though the clouds were rolling by today, I couldn’t wait to give it a try.
    I mounted the 40mm onto a light weight equitorial mount that I have, and since the scope itself is also quite light weight, the mount handled things perfectly. You definitely don’t need a super heavy mount for this little scope. I started with my plossl eyepieces and was immediately rewarded with incredibly sharp views of a number of solar prominences after just minor tweaking of the tilt-tuned etalon.
    It seemed a little odd that rough focus is achieved by pulling the blocking filter out of the draw tube by 3/4 of an inch, but I later learned when using a 2X barlow that having a good deal of forward and backward travel of the blocking filter is not a bad idea. In fact, I suspect that when I attach my camera, this will become even more important.
    I switched over to a zoom eyepiece, fiddled with the etalon a little more, and could not believe how vivid the prominences were!! This is definitely a better experience than what I had with a borrowed PST.
    Overall, I have to say that the scope feels very solid with great finish, it operates exactly as you might hope, and it is light and small enough to make for easy travel. Today’s seeing wasn’t great and the face of the sun was pretty calm, so I didn’t find much surface detail. I’m hoping that with some more fiddling and a clearer day I will be able to explore plages, filaments, and granulation. All we need now are some more sunspots.

  2. Joseph Rothchild (verified owner)

    The Lunt 40 mm is my first hydrogen alpha scope. The telescope was easy to mount on a gear head tripod, which makes it easy to center the solar disc. My first view was impressive. Excellent contrast for the prominences. There was no banding or evidence of a “sweet spot”. There is also a lot of surface detail, although lower contrast. It takes a while to learn how to see the surface features well, but there is still a lot with single stacking.

    I have been using the Lunt zoom eyepiece which matches the scope well. The eyepiece has a small AFOV, but you don’t notice it. I have the B600 blocking filter which is a good compromise. I now observe every clear day. I even have good views of prominences during hazy weather.

  3. James Bolm (verified owner)

    I received my Lunt 40mm with the Lunt zoom eyepiece almost 2 weeks ago. While the late Spring weather has been mostly cloudy, I have really enjoyed the amazing views of our nearest star on those occasions when the skies have cleared. I look forward to becoming more familiar with the Sun as activity increases in Sunspot Cycle 25.

  4. Robert Henry (verified owner)

    This 40mm solar telescope is beautiful inside and out!
    Visually, it is quite amazing! Love this little beauty!

  5. Zac (verified owner)

    This was an amazing purchase. HA filters are expensive on their own, and you probably need an energy-rejection filter on top of that if your aperture is too large. The 40mm Lunt got me exactly what I wanted at an affordable price. The image is great whether you use an eyepiece or a camera. I got the B600 blocking filter, and the entire image of the sun just about fits onto the chip of my camera (do your own calculations here). I’m looking forward to having this telescope with upcoming solar eclipses!

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