Lunt 152mm Solar Telescope with 18mm Blocking Filter – Pro Package – Bundle and Save

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  • LS152 Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope with Pressure Tuning
  • 18mm Blocking Filter
  • Feather Touch Focuser
  • Zoom Eyepiece
  • Sol-Searcher + Adapter
  • CGX Mount & Tripod
  • 12″ Dovetail
  • Hard Shell Case
  • Lunt Solar Hat w/Flap


Available on backorder

Available on backorder


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Get a 360° View of the Lunt Solar Systems 152mm Pressure-Tuned H-Alpha Solar Telescope

Pro Solar Telescope Package

Package Includes:

  • LS152 Solar Telescope
  • B1800 Blocking Filter
  • Feather Touch Focuser
  • Zoom Eyepiece
  • Tele Vue Sol-Searcher + Adapter
  • CGX Mount & Tropod
  • 12″ Dovetail
  • Hard Shell Case
  • Lunt Solar Hat w/Flap

Images Shot Through a Lunt LS152 Solar Telescope

Solar Telescope Pro Desert Package

Our Pro package is called that for a reason.  You don’t have to be a pro to buy this solar telescope, but you will soon be considered a pro when you start using it.  This package is built around our LS152.  It is a 152mm aperture scope that will magnify the details of the Sun as if you were there.  Additionally, when a person owns this scope, it means that they want the best telescope they can buy in its class.  Furthermore, if you want to see the finest details of the Sun, this is the scope for you.

This is truly a quality instrument for those interested in casual or serious observation of the Sun. All of the features of the Sun come alive in vivid detail through this telescope.  Coronal loops, solar flares, Sunspots, filaments, coronal mass ejections, spicules, and more, can be seen in amazing detail.  Also, our true Doppler tuning makes it possible to tune into the details from surface to tip giving a 3D effect to your viewing. 

Viewing Party

The next time you have a group of friends over, set up your solar telescope and watch the expressions on their faces. They will be amazed at what they see. Something as common as the Sun changes from being dangerous to look at into one of the most spectacular things ever.  They’ll be wondering when you will invite them over to view the Sun again.  The great thing is, it never gets old because the surface of the Sun is always changing.

Our Solar Telescope Pro Package  has everything you need to start viewing the Sun.  See what you are missing. Be one of the few people who can actually view the Sun up close safely.  If you want to photograph what you are seeing, this package is designed for imaging with your camera (not included).  Whether viewing or imaging, your pro package will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Optical Telescope Assembly

First, the solar telescope Pro package contains our LS152 optical telescope assemble.  Notably this scope has our pressure tuning system that will give you great clear view of the Sun. Our pressure tuning technology will give you an evenly lit surface and 3D like views of the Sun.

Blocking Filter

Next, we have included our B1800 blocking filter. Additionally, this gives you the flexibility to use your camera to photograph what you will be seeing.


Also, your solar telescope pro package comes with a zoom eyepiece.  This will give you the ultimate in flexibility as you look at all or part of the disk of the Sun.


We have included our feather touch focuser which will give you the smoothest focusing mechanism available. This will make it easy to focus in on very fine details.


Next, we have included our 12 inch dovetail mount to securely attach the telescope on the CGX tripod (included). This tripod and mounting system will give you a good solid foundation for your solar telescope.


To finish the solar viewing starter package we have included a tele vue sol-searcher + adapter.  This will make it easy to locate the Sun safely.


Your solar telescope comes with an aluminium case to protect your investment from being damaged. The components of your telescope fit in to a foam cut out to prevent movement inside the case.

Lunt Hat w/Flap

As a bonus, we have added a Lunt Solar Systems hat with a flap in the back to protect you when you’re out in the Sun.

This package includes everything you will need to start viewing the Sun immediately.  This scope will give you amazing views of the sun, especially in good viewing conditions.  It will be an unforgettable experience.

To stay current with the news of the Sun go to NASA

Additional information

Weight 149 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 20 × 24 in

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  1. Troy

    LS152THa Many thanks to all involved in making this such a smooth process and allowing us to continue operating in absence of the primary etalon. Thousands of people have already looked through the Lunt 152 since its installation.

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