Lunt 100mm MT Refractor

The New Lunt 100mm MT Series Refractor

  • Triplet ED APO Refractor
  • Dual Speed Rack & Pinion Focuser
  • FPL53 Lens
  • 714 Focal Length
  • F/7 Ratio
  • Weight: 10.25lbs


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The New Lunt 100mm MT Refractor is now available for purchase for those who want the World Class optics of the Lunt 100MT Modular Telescope, without the hydrogen-alpha module.

The Lunt 100MT is a Triplet ED APO Refractor, offering a FPL53 Objective Lens for stellar, and truly out of this world, views.

The Lunt 100mm MT Refractor comes with a Dual Speed 10:1 Rack and Pinion Focuser, and complete ring assembly with Red Dot Sun Finder for use with Solar Applications. 

Couple with your Lunt CaK Module or White Light Wedge for day time solar use, or grab and go with your favorite star diagonal for Night time and Terrestrial use.  Coming in at 10.25lbs, the 100mm MT Refractor is sure to be your daily driver in any configuration, extremely well balanced and light weight, with its Red Dot Sun Finder doubling as a comfortable handle for east of transportation.

And when you find the Hydrogen-Alpha bug has bitten you again, the Lunt 100mm MT Refractor is completely upgradeable and easily converted into a True Hydrogen Alpha Telescope. All you have to do is accompany with a Lunt Blocking Filter and appropriate Hydrogen Alpha Module and you will be riding the Hydrogen Alpha Wave !

Lunt 100mm MT Refractor Specifications

  • 100mm Aperture, F/7.1 
  • Triplet ED APO Refractor
  • Dual Speed Rack & Pinion Focuser
  • FPL53 Lens, Fully Multi-coated
  • 714 Focal Length
  • Weight: 10.25lbs


  • Lunt 100mm MT Refractor
  • Dual 10:1 Rack & Pinion Focuser
  • Complete Tube Ring Assembly
  • Red Dot Sun Finder Handle
  • Hard Case with Custom Cut Foam for accessories and modules


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