VersaGo™ II Altaz Mount

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Ultra-stable, easy-to-operate altazimuth grab-and-go tripod for small to medium sized telescopes
The VersaGo II’s 15 lb. load capacity makes it an excellent Alt-Az foundation for telescopes up to about 6″ in aperture
Strong but lightweight aluminum channel-leg tripod with removable accessory tray allows maximum portability and adjustable height
Sturdy die-cast aluminum head features a dovetail saddle for quick telescope attachment and removal
Slanted arm design allows instrument to be pointed to zenith, lateral arm offset puts load directly over center of tripod for maximum stability


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In stock


Here’s a nifty mount that will make navigating landscapes or starscapes with any modestly sized telescope a truly enjoyable experience. The VersaGo II Altazimuth mount combines a simple, sturdy design with lightweight “grab-and-go” portability – all at a highly affordable price.

The VersaGo II differs from the heavier VersaGo II HD in having a lighter weight tripod (13 lbs.) that features aluminum channel-type legs that adjust in height. While both mounts can technically support the same 15 lb. load, the standard model, which weighs 5.5 lbs. less, is preferred when maximum portability is desired.

The mount features a sturdy, die-cast metal single-arm altazimuth head that allows simple and intuitive up-down, left-right operation. Thrust-bearings made of non-stick PTFE material on both axes ensure smooth, fluid gliding motion and oversize tensioning knobs and a rubber grip panning handle provide extremely fine positioning and control, even for tracking moving subjects.

Because the laterally offset mounting arm places the telescope center of gravity over the center of the tripod and not off to the side, the VersaGo II offers maximum stability for spotting scopes, small astronomical refractors up to 120mm, Cassegrains and short reflectors up to 6″ in aperture, or DSLR and video cameras. No counterweights are needed. The slanted arm design allows telescopes to point directly to the zenith. A dovetail saddle allows quick mounting and removal of your telescope.

Remove the large accessory tray and the tripod legs fold inward for easy transport. Total mount length is 41.5″ with legs retracted and 63″ when extended.

If the idea of a mount that is simple to use, remarkably stable, easily transportable, and very affordable appeals to you, then grab the VersaGo II Altazimuth Mount and go!

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 9 × 10 in


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