GPS Kit for EQ-G GoTo Telescope Mounts

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Plug-in device automatically supplies GPS location and time data to your Orion SkyQuest XTg or XXg Dobsonian, StarSeeker IV GoTo telescope, SkyView Pro GoTo Mount, Sirius EQ-G Mount, Sirius Pro AZ/EQ-G Mount, Atlas EQ-G Mount, Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G Mount, or HDX1100 EQ-G Mount
A vital time-saver for intermediate and advanced amateur astronomers who visit different locations for observing and astrophotography
Reduces the amount of time spent entering information required for alignment of computerized telescope mounts
Supplies both geographical location data and time data retrieved directly from GPS satellites
Requires Orion GoTo Hand Controller with firmware version 3.32 or later


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The Orion GPS Kit for computerized GoTo telescope mounts automatically provides precise Global Positioning System location data and time to the GoTo controller module so you don’t have to repeatedly enter the information. This time-saving device is especially handy if you frequently use your computerized GoTo mount at different sites in different locations. The Orion GPS Kit for GoTo Telescope Mounts makes inputting accurate location and time data a breeze.

Since the Kit’s 48-channel GPS receiver eliminates the need to enter location information, it will significantly increase efficiency of every outdoor stargazing session so you can concentrate on actually using your telescope instead of having to hassle with setup details. The device also provides the exact time information that GPS satellites provide, which will help to optimize your GoTo system’s location abilities. This compact accessory transports easily and is a must for avid amateur astronomers who spend a lot of time in the field stargazing or capturing astrophotos at different locations.

The Orion GPS Kit for GoTo Telescope Mounts is compatible with the Orion Synscan Computerized GoTo Hand Controller, which is included with all Orion StarSeeker IV GoTo telescopes, SkyQuest XTg and XXg GoTo Dobsonian telescopes, as well as our growing line of computerized EQ-G GoTo telescope mounts including the HDX1100 EQ-G, Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G, Atlas EQ-G, Sirius Pro AZ/EQ-G, Sirius EQ-G, and SkyView Pro GoTo Mounts. A handy built-in magnet makes it easy to attach the GPS device to ferrous metal surfaces.

Requires version 3.32 or later of the Orion GoTo hand controller module firmware.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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