AstroView EQ Mount & EQ-3M Motor Drive Kit

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A value-packed combination of the Orion AstroView Equatorial Mount and EQ-3M Single-Axis Telescope Motor Drive
The smooth-moving, sturdy AstroView mount provides a robust equatorial support system for any telescope weighing up to 12 lbs.
The precision EQ-3M mini-motor attaches to the AstroView Equatorial Mount for automatic, motorized tracking of celestial objects
Modern equatorial mount head design features removable dovetail plate for quick attachment of a telescope without using tools, and an 8″ long dovetail plate is included
Weighs 28.8 lbs.


In stock

In stock


Whether you’re looking to upgrade from your present telescope mount or are seeking a more robust, motorized equatorial system for a new telescope, you can’t go wrong with the smooth-moving, sturdy Orion AstroView EQ & EQ-3M Motor Drive Kit.

The AstroView Equatorial (EQ) Mount head has a convenient dovetail attachment saddle that makes it easy to attach telescopes or swap between more than one telescope without having to hassle with tools. An 8″ long dovetail attachment plate is included in case your telescope isn’t equipped with one. The AstroView Mount can support telescopes weighing up to 12 pounds and has enclosed worm gears, an azimuth adjustment, and dual manual slow-motion controls. A hinged center brace adds stability to the adjustable aluminum tripod, and a high-walled accessory tray makes for a great storage spot for eyepieces, Barlow lenses, filters, and more while you’re stargazing. The included polar alignment scope makes aligning the Right Ascension (R.A.) axis on Polaris nice and easy for delightfully accurate tracking performance. A 7.5 lb. and 4 lb. counterweight are included.

Attach the included EQ-3M Telescope Drive’s precision mini-motor onto the AstroView EQ Mount to track celestial objects automatically. This single-axis motor drive will make observing easier and more fun, since you won’t have to hassle with periodically centering an object in your telescope eyepiece’s field-of-view. The EQ-3M Single-Axis Telescope Drive provides regulated sidereal-rate tracking in right ascension. The included electronic handheld controller has 8x speed and pause mode controls. A convenient external disengage clutch allows coarse movement of the telescope by hand while the motor drive is attached. Includes electronic motor, electronic hand controller, and battery case. Powered by four D-cell batteries (not included).

Additional information

Weight 39 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 18 × 10 in


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