Orion HDX110 EQ-G GoTo Mount (No Tripod)

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Heavy-duty, observatory-class equatorial mount with pinpoint GoTo object location and precise tracking at an amazing price
Includes HDX110 EQ-G Mount head, counterweight shaft, and GoTo hand controller only – tripod pier and counterweights not included
Closed-loop GoTo electronics stay aligned even if you aim an attached telescope manually
Features very precise +/- 3 arcsecond native tracking without software-assisted Periodic Error Correction (PEC)
High-capacity precision mount capable of supporting equipment loads up to 110 pounds


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Discover a new level of precision performance with the Orion HDX110 EQ-G GoTo Equatorial Mount. Offering exceptionally low, typically +/-3 arcsecond tracking without correction (PEC) and a massive 110-lb. instrument capacity, the big Orion HDX110 EQ-G Mount offers demanding observers and astrophotographers unprecedented accuracy and performance for the price. This rock-solid mount head is ideal for home observatories or permanent pier setups and includes the HDX110 EQ-G Mount head, GoTo Hand Controller, counterweight shaft and cables. Tripod Pier and counterweights not included.

This heavy-duty head-turner of a telescope mount features robust, state-of-the-art electronics, including high-resolution, micro-stepped stepper motors and patented dual-encoder technology that allows both automated GoTo operation and manual slewing, without losing the GoTo alignment. In fact, once a successful alignment has been completed, you can loosen the RA and DEC clutches and manually reposition the mount and attached telescope while still maintaining the GoTo accuracy once the clutches are relocked. Permanent periodic error correction (PPEC) can be employed to improve the HDX110 Mount’s already impressive native periodic error even further, and the PEC is saved for future observing/imaging sessions (hence, “permanent”).

HDX Head
A truly heavy-duty mount made for heavy-duty stargazing and imaging.
The HDX110 EQ-G Mount head features 8.6″ diameter (219.5mm) Right Ascension (RA) and Declination (Dec) worm wheels with 435 gear teeth for exceptional precision. The substantial 55mm RA and Dec shaft diameter further enhances stability. This mighty mount is equipped with an autoguider port, buttery smooth latitude jackscrew with a 10°-65° range, handy azimuth adjustment knobs (+/- 10° range from center), SNAP port (for DSLR shutter control), and more.

SynScan HC
Explore elusive sights on every clear night with the accurate GoTo object locator.
The time-tested SynScan GoTo controller houses a 42,000-object database, and offers a highly accurate, iterative polar alignment routine that doesn’t require a polar alignment scope, or even a view of the star Polaris (an optional Orion Polar Alignment Finder Scope for HDX110 EQ-G is available for those who prefer using a dedicated alignment scope). Thanks to the HDX110’s sophisticated closed-loop GoTo system, you can manually reposition attached telescopes without losing GoTo alignment.

Huge 110-pound weight capacity handles heavy astrophotography setups with ease.
The rock-solid HDX110 EQ-G Mount can hold up to 110 pounds of equipment for super-stable support of visual or imaging telescopes and even the heaviest trains of astrophotography equipment. The mount head saddle is a wide, “Losmandy-style” clamp plate with three locking hand knobs for secure attachment. The combination of high weight capacity, accurate GoTo object location, and ultra-precise tracking makes the Orion HDX110 EQ-G one of the very best mounts available for astrophotography.

One or two telescopes? With the HDX110 EQ-G the choice is yours.
Thanks to its massive 110-pound weight capacity, the HDX110 EQ-G is easily capable of supporting two telescopes at once. This makes it possible to obtain two views of the night sky simultaneously, which really comes in handy when viewing the night sky with friends and family. The HDX110 Mount’s impressive capacity also makes it possible to have an imaging telescope and visual telescope attached at the same time to both capture exposures and visually explore the photographed area of night sky all at once.

This model of the HDX110 includes the equatorial mount head, counterweight shaft, GoTo hand controller and cables. The mount head weighs 55 lbs. – yes, that’s hefty – but it’s equipped with two large handles that make it easy to lift. The 1.25″-diameter stainless steel counterweight shaft weighs 5.7 lbs. and threads securely into the mount head. Counterweights are sold separately. Tripod pier not included. The HDX110 instruction manual includes schematic plans of the mount’s baseplate with dimensions for those interested in attaching the HDX110 telescope mount to a permanent pier or a preferred tripod.

The Orion HDX110 EQ-G GoTo Mount requires a 12V DC, 4A power supply or field-battery for motorized operation. A 12V DC power cable with auto-lighter plug and threaded connector to the mount is included. An optional, externally mounted polar scope for the HDX110 is available (sold separately).

Additional information

Weight 82 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 26 × 29 in


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