Counterweight Shaft Upgrade- Atlas EQ-G

Code: OR-10144

Give your Atlas EQ-G GoTo Mount a performance upgrade with this longer, stronger counterweight shaft
Increased length allows use of fewer counterweights to balance most telescopes and astrophotography payloads
More robust 1″ diameter counterweight shaft virtually eliminates flexure
Thread-on attachment collar provides a secure, rigid connection to the Atlas EQ-G GoTo Mount
Compatible with 11 lb. Counterweight for Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G Mount


In stock

In stock


This 1″ diameter counterweight shaft upgrade minimizes flexure, increases stability, and significantly optimizes performance of the Atlas EQ-G GoTo Telescope Mount. The upgrade is thicker than the standard, 3/4″ diameter shaft that comes with the Atlas EQ-G Mount for enhanced stability. Since the upgrade is not retractable like the standard shaft, it eliminates any potentially troublesome weight shifts during tracking of celestial objects, which can wreak havoc on tracking accuracy. The Shaft Upgrade features a threaded Declination axis collar to provide a more rigid and secure coupling to the Atlas EQ-G Telescope Mount. Its 13″ length is a full 2″ longer than the standard Atlas shaft, which allows use of fewer counterweights for balancing most astronomical equipment payloads. A large, threaded “toe-saver” knob at the end of the shaft keeps installed counterweights from falling on the ground (or your feet – ouch!), even if their lock knobs inadvertently become loose. On top of these great performance enhancements, the Counterweight Shaft Upgrade’s attractive chrome finish also gives the Atlas EQ-G Mount a nice aesthetic boost.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 5 × 5 in


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