9×50 Solar Finder Scope

Code: OR-20406
  • Big 9×50 correct-image finder scope with a protective solar filter for safe and accurate aiming of a solar filter-equipped telescope at the Sun
  • Black-polymer film solar filter material displays the Sun in a natural yellow-orange color
  • Comfortable right-angle viewing orientation
  • Correct left-to-right and top-to-bottom image for easy aiming
  • Solar filter can be removed for nighttime use of finder scope


In stock

In stock


With 9x magnification, a big 50mm objective lens, correct-image orientation, and a comfortable right-angle eyepiece, the 9×50 Solar Finder Scope is a must-have for Sun observers. Its dovetail finder bracket fits most Orion telescopes right out of the box, making it easy to safely aim your solar filter-equipped telescope at the Sun with welcome accuracy.

To view the Sun safely with a telescope, a specialized filter that covers the entire front aperture of the instrument is required in order to protect your eyes and the telescope’s optics from harmful, magnified sunlight. Believe it or not, the Sun can be difficult to center in a telescope that has been equipped with a solar filter. This may seem like it should be a relatively easy procedure, but trust us; it’s not as easy as it sounds! It is unfortunately quite common to have the telescope pointing just off the limb of the Sun, leaving an entirely black view in the telescope eyepiece, with no clear indication of how to move the telescope in order to center the Sun. By installing the Orion 9×50 Solar Finder Scope, you can precisely aim your protected telescope at our nearest star. You’ll be able to enjoy observing sunspots, eclipses, and more without having to waste time centering the Sun in your telescope.

The 9×50 Solar Finder Scope features a black-polymer safety film solar filter that is stronger and more durable than other, thinner film filters. In addition to increased durability, the black-polymer material displays the Sun in a pleasing, natural yellow-orange color unlike the white or especially unnatural blue shade cast by some other filters. The yellow-orange image of the Sun provided by the black-polymer filter will also yield higher levels of contrast and clarity when you peer into the solar finder. Bold black cross hairs in the finder scope’s optical tube make it easy to accurately center the Sun in the finder, and in your telescope, once an alignment procedure is performed.

For nighttime use under starry skies, the included 2.32″ ID E-Series Safety Film Solar Filter can be removed from the 9×50 finder scope barrel. Without the filter installed, the 9×50 finder will help you locate celestial objects and center them in your telescope with its 5° field-of-view, comfortable right-angle eye lens and proper left-to-right and top-to-bottom view orientation.

The value-packed 9×50 Solar Finder Scope provides big savings compared to purchasing a finder scope and appropriately sized solar filter separately. Buy them together and save!

A strip of adhesive-backed felt is included to help ensure a secure friction-fit of the filter on the finder scope body. Always make sure the included Safety Film Solar Filter has a safe, secure friction-fit with the 9×50 finder scope before daytime use.

CAUTION: Never look at the Sun, even for an instant, without a protective solar filter. Doing so can permanently damage your eyes.

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