CT80 EQ 80mm Compact Equatorial Refractor Telescope Kit

Code: OR-21137
  • Compact and portable refractor telescope kit for stargazers on the go
  • 80mm (3.15″) aperture, f/5 refractor telescope delivers wide-field views of the night sky
  • Included EQ-1C equatorial mount provides slow-motion control for easy tracking of celestial objects
  • Use the included 25mm eyepiece for 16x magnification and boost power up to 40x with the included 10mm eyepiece, the 90-degree star diagonal and a red-dot reflex sight
  • This special kit includes the additional Orion Moon Map, Orion Moon Filter, Orion RedBeam Mini Flashlight,, and Orion Star Target Planisphere


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If you’re looking for a great starter telescope, but are worried about taking up too much space, Orion has the answer! Our CT80 EQ refractor packs a lot of stargazing performance into a compact telescope setup.

The versatile Orion CT80 EQ 80mm Refractor Telescope combines a wide-field refractor telescope with a stable equatorial (EQ) mount and adjustable tripod. The telescope’s 80mm (3.15″) aperture, f/5 objective lens is larger than lenses found in most typical starter scopes, which means you’ll enjoy brighter views of everything you see. The CT80 optics are fully coated with anti-reflection coatings for clear, sharply defined views. Internal knife-edge baffles help optimize contrast by preventing off-axis reflections. The CT80 EQ Compact Refractor will amaze the whole family with wide-field views of the Moon, planets, and even bright nebulas and star clusters.

The included EQ-1C equatorial mount is specifically designed for convenient stargazing. The telescope mount is equipped with handy slow-motion controls which allow easy manual tracking of celestial objects as they appear to move across the sky. The equatorial mount head sits atop a sturdy black metal tripod with extendable, cylindrical legs which can be adjusted easily to set the telescope at a comfortable height. An optional EQ-1CM DC Drive (sold separately) can be added at any time to motorize the EQ-1C mount for hands-free tracking of celestial objects.

The CT80 EQ 80mm Refractor Telescope sports a 1.25″ rack-and-pinion focuser, and two 1.25″ eyepieces are included. The included 25mm Kellner eyepiece provides a 16-power view through the telescope, while the included 10mm Plossl ocular boosts magnification up to 40x for closer looks. An included 1.25″ star diagonal places inserted eyepieces at a comfortable angle for stargazing. You can use other 1.25″ eyepieces or Barlow lenses with the CT80 EQ Refractor Telescope to achieve different magnifications (Barlow lenses and additional eyepieces sold separately). An included red-dot sight with two brightness settings helps aim the telescope at interesting objects. This special kit includes the Orion Moon Map, Orion Moon Fllter, Orion RedBeam Mini Flashlight and the Orion Star Target Planisphere.

The entire Orion CT80 80mm Compact Equatorial Refractor Telescope setup, including equatorial mount, tripod and 3.25 lb. counterweight weighs just 15.05 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 14 × 7 in


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