Lunt PC-USB Pressure Tuner Controller

  • Remotely control pressure tuning anywhere
  • Connect via a USB connection and software.
  • Retrofitted to any Lunt Pressure Tuned product
  • Connects with a simple 1/8″ airline


Available on backorder

Available on backorder



Use the Lunt PC-USB to control your pressure tuning system from anywhere via a USB connection and software.

The Lunt Solar Systems Pressure Tuner Controller, or PC-USB, is a microprocessor controlled unit.  Furthermore, you can remotely operate your telescopes pressure control system from anywhere.  Most importantly, you can retrofit the Lunt PC-USB to any Lunt Pressure Tuned product. With a simple 1/8″ airline connection, the Lunt PC-USB attaches to your Solar Telescope and can be installed at any length.

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Weight 7 lbs


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