APM 150mm 90° SD-APO (FCD100) Binoculars with Case and UF30mm Eyepieces

Code: APM-SD150-Bino90-FCD100
Availability: End of November 2020
Delivery contents:
  • 150 mm SD FCD100 APO binoculars with handle and tripod adapter
  • 4 Dust Caps
  • Set 30mm UF 74 degrees eyepieces = 28 x magnification
  • Strong plastic transport case with foam fitting


In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


APM 150 mm 90 ° SD-Apo Bino with FCD100 Glass for 2 Inch Eyepieces

High End SD-APO-Bino with FCD100 Glass!

APM binoculars are among the most powerful binoculars in the world. The lenses with an extremely large diameter of 150 mm and the high-resolution optics with state-of-the-art broadband multicoating guarantee extremely bright and sharp images, on which every detail can be seen from a great distance. The high-quality Extra Low Dispersion SD FCD100 reduces the possible residual color errors to a absolute minimum. The extremely precise adjustment also allows high magnification factors and is characterized by an excellent resolution. These binoculars are of course waterproof and weatherproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use.
With a 150 mm binocular we can already observe extensive gas-fog objects and galaxies with great details. Larger star clusters are resolved into single stars. Through the use of binoculars faint celestial objects appear much brighter and more contrast than with a conventional telescope same opening. Particularly attractive are observations with screwed-in fog filters on objects such as e.g. the Orion Nebula, Cirrus Nebula, or the Dumbbell Nebula. You can also create a virtual 3D effect, e.g. recognize in lunar observations.

The intended use of APM’s 150mm binoculars is for low to medium power Deep Sky Observing, as opposed to planetary observation. APM’s 150mm Binoculars has the added advantage of allowing and doing well with planetary observation, showing details that are otherwise normally seen with large aperture instruments accompanied by Binoviewers (such as TV Binoviewers) while still having a smaller aperture and the advantages that come with it (including being less sensitive to adverse seeing conditions). APM guarantees good image results up to 100x power with its 150mm binoculars. Current users have gone beyond this point and are found to be happy with the higher power performance; however, higher power performance is not guaranteed by APM.

Integrated are sliding dewlaps with front end cap, a hand-grip handle with a sighting device, a photo tripod adapter with 3/8 “threaded connection and 2 x 30-mm eyepieces 74 degrees with 28x magnification.

To keep the glass light, the case was built from a magnesium alloy.Applications for the APM 150 mm 90 ° SD-Apo Binoculars:

  • Astronomy – the 90° -view allows a pleasant viewing behavior (for medium heights, for Zenith observations a corresponding tripod is needed)
  • Viewing and surveillance binoculars – even for distant objects (such as targets, navy, military, police surveillance, whale watching …)
  • Bird watching, wildlife observation, nature observation – also very comfortable view at medium altitude above the horizon

New: now waterproof and with nitrogen filling

Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 26 × 19 in


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