180x Collimation Service

Lunt Solar Systems Large Format Collimation Services

  • Available for New and Existing APM Large Format Binoculars
  • Includes Test Certification Report
  • Available in 100x, 160x, 180x Certifications


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Please Note : 

Lunt Solar Systems 180x Collimation Service is dependent upon your Binoculars ability to be collimated to 180x magnification. 

Lunt Solar Systems Collimation Services carry a minimum charge of $129 for initial Testing 

Certification Potential up to 180x will be assessed and is dependent upon the condition of the Binocular Unit, and will be confirmed during the inspection process once the unit has been received into Lunt Solar Systems offices.

Prices subject to change upon demand, contact Lunt Solar Systems for quotation information.


Lunt Solar Systems will be offering a Free 100x Test Certification for

All New APM Large Format (Interchangeable Eyepieces) APM Binoculars 

purchased in the month of February!


When Checking out, add Lunt’s 100x Collimation service option to your cart, and enter code CERT100X to receive the service completely free of charge!

*Discount only applicable for purchase of New APM Binoculars

Lunt Solar Systems is now offering Collimation Certification Services available on All Large Format (Interchangeable Eyepieces) APM Binoculars. This service is available to customers who have already purchased APM Binoculars, as well as for New Purchases of APM Binoculars.

For New Customers: 

  • Identify which collimation service you prefer, and add to your cart alongside your New Pair of APM Binoculars.

  • If you have already purchased APM Binoculars that have not yet shipped, purchase of the Collimation Service is also available as a standalone service. Once your binoculars are available, Lunt will perform the collimation service of your choosing prior to shipment.

For Existing Customers:

  • Identify which collimation service you prefer, add to your cart and check out!

  • Collimation Services start at $129 for the 100x Certification, with services being offered up to 180x certification.  

  • There is a minimum $129 Charge for Initial Testing, with prices subject to change based upon demand

  • The cost of the collimation service does not include shipping into Lunt Solar Systems, and Lunt will invoice customers for return services (insurance options for couriers available upon request) prior to shipment back to you.

  • All binoculars will be inspected upon arrival to our offices

    • Lunt Solar Systems will inform customers if we are unable to collimate your binoculars to the desired standard if they are damaged, non-functional, etc

    • Contact Lunt Solar Systems directly with any questions or concerns regarding the collimation process!


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