APM MS 16×80 ED APO Magnesium Series Binoculars

Code: APM-MS-16x80-ED
  • Includes: Binoculars, Metal Tripod Adapter, Carrying Case
  • Great for Outdoor Use, Observation and Astronomy,
  • Waterproof, Nitrogen Purged

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In stock

In stock


APM MS 16 x 80 ED APO Magnesium Series Binoculars

The APM 16 x 80 Magnesium Series ED APO Binoculars are designed specifically for the rigors and conditions of outdoor use. The Magnesium Series Binoculars are fully nitrogen purged (waterproof) and can be used outside during rainy conditions. They can even be left unprotected on a tripod of your choosing without fear of water penetrating and damaging the binoculars!

The APM 16 x 80 MS Binoculars are also covered in a durable, natural rubber covering- serving to not only protect additionally from falls and bumps, but helping you keep a solid grip at all times.

Featuring a Porro Prism Optical System, using BAK 4 Glass, the clarity and field of view of the binoculars make it an excellent choice for astronomy purposes. Used easily as either a hand held instrument, or with a photo/video tripod, the APM 16 x 80 Magnesium Series Binoculars will be your go to choice for any outdoor excursion!

Purchase Includes: Binoculars, Tripod Adapter, Carrying Pouch

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.24 × 9.84 × 4.72 in


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