APM 100mm 90° SD APO Binocular (FCD100) doublet with Case and UF24mm Eyepieces

Code: APM-FCD100-Bino90-hc


Delivery contents:

  • Binocular 100 mm 90° with 4 Covers
  • Photo Tripod Adapter with 1/4 Inch Photo Thread
  • Transporting Handle
  • 1 Set 24 mm Ultra Flat Field Eyepieces = 30.5 x Power
  • Case


Available on backorder

Available on backorder


APM 100 mm 90° SD APO Binocular FCD100 doublet –  with Case and Set eyepieces UF24
New: Large binoculars with improved color correction !

The APM 100mm 90 Degree SD APO Binoculars are xcellently corrected 2-element FCD APO binocular which offer extremely high contrast. Included with the purchase is 1 set of 24mm eyepieces. The focal position was chosen so that Tele Vue Delos, Nagler, panoptic, and the Docter 12.5 mm UWA eyepiece can be focused easily!

The Pair contains sliding dew shields with front cover plate, a carrying handle with sighting device,  photo tripod adapter with 3/8 “thread connection, and 2 eyepieces with 23 fold magnification which are integrated.

To keep the weight to a minimum, the binoculars housing is made of magnesium.

Areas of application for the APM 100 mm 90° SD-Apo Binocular:

  • Astronomy – the 90° angled view provides comfortable observing
  • Observation binoculars – also for distant objects (for example target)
  • Bird watching, animal observing, nature viewing

Waterproofed and nitrogen filled !

The delivery takes place in a stable transport case made of hard plastic with foam insert.




Dew shields:
Dew shield ID thread:
M 116 x 1-6H, 6 mm depth
Dew Shield ID:
Dew Shield OD:
Field of View Diameter:
yes, nitrogen filled
2 Element Air spaced FCD Apochromat (rear lens FCD100 Glass)
Prism system:
Roof Prism
Helical Focuser for each Eyepiece
Surface material:
Magnesium Alloy Chassis
With included 24 mm Ultra Flatfield Eyepiece Set 23 x Power
Front lens diameter:
100 mm / 550 mm Focal Length
all optical surfaces fully broadband multicoated
eye relief:
54 mm – 75 mm
Objective angle of view:
2.8 Degree
Photo tripod thread:
With included Tripod Adapter 1/4″ Thread
550 mm x 270 mm x 190 mm
16.4 lb

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 14 in


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