APM 140mm f/7 Doublet SD-APO (FPL 53) Optical Tube Assembly with 3.7″ Focuser

Code: APM140-7-3.7ZTA

Shipping: End of October, 2020

  • Very high quality processed and of convincingly good optical quality
  • Colorless optics with FLP53 glass
  • Precise 3.7 “focuser with 1:10 mirco reduction for heavy accessories
  • With f / 7 ideal for visual and photographic purposes
  • CNC tube rings
  • Carry handle
  • Very good value for money


In stock

In stock


APM Doublet SD Apo 140 f/7 FPL53 Optical Tube

The new APM 140mm f/980mm Doublet is a mold breaker with high quality. We have painstakingly engineered an optical and tube solution to bring you APM quality at an unheard price. The new 140- SD Apo features a Doublet lens cell using SD glass FPL-53 to maximize performance. Our innovative combination of materials and design has resulted in optical performance far beyond the normal for a telescope of this price. As with all APM telescopes consistency is assured and each telescope goes through an interferometrical test at the 532nm (green) wavelength before shipping.

The special feature of the 140mm SD APO:

  •  Very high quality processed and of convincingly good optical quality
  •  Colorless optics with FLP53 glass
  •  Precise 3.7 “focuser with 1:10 micro reduction for heavy accessories
  •  With f / 7 ideal for visual and photographic purposes
  •  CNC tube rings
  •  Carry handle
  •  Very good value for money

With 980mm focal length, the 140-SD Apo is an impressive all-rounder. From intricate double star observing to high contrast detailed planetary views, this new scope will introduce a whole new group of Astronomy enthusiasts to APM quality.

Traditional APM quality has been applied in all areas. The new 3.7″ focuser is a Rack and Pinion type, with 1:10 focusing. It remains rigid under high loads making it suitable for imaging. The attention to detail extends to areas like the 2″ and 1.25″ eyepiece adapters. These use a new design of collar clamp, far superior to the common brass compression rings found on lesser designs.

As optional photo accessory for the SD APO 140 f / 7, we recommend our Riccardi Flattener APO Reducer 0.75xM82 (the focal length is reduced to 735mm at f / 5.25) or our Riccardi APO Flattener Model 2 for APO’s. (please look recommended products)

With the new 140 mm SD Apo we believe we have created an Apochromatic Refractor of incomparable performance and value in its category.


  • Optical Tube
  • 1 Pair of Tuberings with handle
  • 3.7″ Focuser with 1:10 Microfocusing
  • Losmandy-Style Dovetail
  • Shoe for Finderbracket

Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 14 × 15 in


Type of telescope: Doublet ED-Apochromat
Lens: Doublet ED Apo with FPL-53 Element
Color: Black / White
Tube material: Aluminium
Aperture: 140 mm
Focal ratio: f/7
Focal length: 980 mm
Coating: Multicoated
Resolution: 0.83″
Limit value: 12.5 mag
Max. useful visual power: 280 x
Back Focus: 180 mm
Focuser: 3.7″ R&P Focuser, Rotation 360°
Connection to eyepiece: 2″
Tube diameter: 152 mm
Length during observing: 1030 mm
Transportation length: 830 mm
Dewcap diameter: 186 mm
Length of dewcap: 290 mm
Total weight: 9.8Kg (with tube rings)


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