APM 2.5″ Deluxe Focuser

Code: APM-25-Deluxe

Delivery contains:

  • 2.5″ Focuser
  • Adapter M68 x 1 OD to 2″  with self centering brass clamp
  • Adapter 2″ to 1 1/4″ Deluxe


In stock

In stock


APM-Telescopes has decided to create together with skilled Amateurs their own Series of high end focusers, coming very close to the quality of well known Quality Focuser Brands, but at a much lower price level! Working side by side with photographers and Imagers alike, APM has designed a new rock solid and ultra-smooth operating focuser .

APM has chosen to use modern day standard threads for available accessories such as Field Flatteners and Reducer/Flatteners, in order to save you money by not having to purchase expensive adapters.

APM’s focuser does not use ball bearing supports, which can at times have a tendency to tilt. Instead, APM has decided to use Teflon support which guarantees a complete lack of play, even during heavy loading.

Based on their first ZTA focuser , APM developed a new improved version with self centering eyepiece clamps. The included 2″ to 1.25″ adapter has the same self centering clamp mechanics used in their Deluxe eyepiece adapter, ensuring correct alignment and centering of all your accessories!  The APM 2.5 Deluxe Focuser has a  travel of 92mm, and is 360° rotatable

Connecting thread:
M68 Inner Thread
Connection to eyepiece:
2″ and 1 1/4″ with Adapter
Connection to camera:
M68x1 female thread up

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 9 in


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