APM-Riccardi Universal APO Flattener 1.0x- Model 2


Model 2 is suitable for the following Telescopes and Telescopes with similar f-ratio :

  • APM LZOS Apo 100 F/8
  • APM LZOS Apo 130 F/9
  • APM LZOS Apo 152 F/8
  • APM FPL51 Apo 152 F/8
  • APM LZOS Apo 175 F/8
  • APM LZOS Apo 203 F/7
  • APM LZOS Apo 203 F/9
  • APM LZOS Apo 228 F/9
  • APM LZOS Apo 254 F/9

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  • APM-Riccardi Universal Apo Flattener 1.0x – Model 2



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APM Riccardi Universal APO Flattener 1.0x- Model 2 for APO Telescopes

Our new, universal flattener for APO’s was calculated with the famous optical designer Massimo Riccardi.

A flattener “smoothes” the optical problems in the image circle¬† caused by¬† coma and astigmatism, leading to a near perfect image quality . There is no comparable flattener with such good apochromatic longitudinal and lateral aberration correction on the market. Other cheaper models fall short significantly, leading to drastically higher inferior lateral chromatic aberration and significantly higher vignetting. The flattener Model 2 is particularly designed for longer focal lengths and slightly slower focal ratios. It currently represents the limit of what is possible.

The new flattener allows a generous working distance from the thread to the focus of more than 115 mm, allowing common accessories ( such as filter wheels) to find appropriate spacing.



Connection to camera: M68 x 1 und M77 x 0.75 ID
Connection to telescope: M82 x 1 OD-Thread
Coating: Multicoated
Housing material: Aluminum
Magnification: 1.0 x
Lenses: 3 Lenses
Back focus: more than 115 mm
Fully illuminated field: 60 mm
Diameter: outer diameter of housing 80 mm
Weight: ca. 15.8 oz.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 5 in


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