APM LZOS SuperED Triplet APO Refractor Telescope 115/805mm with 3.5″ FT Focuser CNC LW II

Code: LZOS-115-805-T-CNC-3.5FT

Delivery Includes:

  • Optical tube with retractable dewshield
  • Set CNC tube rings
  • 3.5″ Starlight Focuser with attached bracket for 50 mm viewfinder, both 360° rotatable
  • Adapter 3.5″/2″ with new comprehensive eyepiece clamp
  • 2″/1.25″ adapter with brass eyepiece clamp
  • 2″ Extensiontube 80 mm
  • 2 Dustcaps

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In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


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Made in Germany, with non-compromising mechanical quality- the APM LZOS APO 100/800 is an 100mm Aperture, 800mm Focal Length F/7 3-Element SuperED APO Refractor. This TMB 100mm F/8 is not only an incredibly powerful visual APO refractor that can be utilized for lower power wide field observations and high power (and extremely high contrast)planetary and double star observations, but is top of the line as a superb imaging machine. By adding in the designed and matched full format field flatter- this telescope will offer pin-point stars across the entire field to its outer edges (by use of a large format CCD Camera, or medium format cameras such as the Pentax 6×7)

Complete with dew shields which slide smoothly over the tube, keeping your surface free of paint scratches, the system includes a full 3.5″ Starlight Feather Touch focuser that rotates smoothly with zero image shifting. For those who image, the lack of shift is incredibly important when you have your imager at best focus, and simply need to rotate in its optimal position. The finder bracket allows for rapid changes with its quick exchange style screw system, and is mounted to the rotatable focuser itself, allowing for ration of the finder scope to its most comfortable observing position. The focuser itself comes with large anodized focuser knobs and offers the buttery smooth action that Starlight Instruments is known for. The focuser comes with 3.5″/2″ adapter attached and a 2″/1.25″ clamp ring style adapter to protect your eyepieces and diagonal from scratches.

The Telescopes tube lay flat on both sides, and come standard with 3 tapped 1/2-20 inch holes which lie perpendicular to the tube line- with the outer 2 holes center to center spacing of 60mm (2.362″)

The center tapped hole can be used for a variety of mount plates with only a single center hole and the tubes internal baffles are matched for a large usable photographic field. The system, alongside with its matched field flattener/reducer for full format CCD Cameras, offers an image circle of appropriate size.



Telescope Type:3-element SuperED Apo Refractor

Lens:3-element SuperED


Tube material:Aluminium

Aperture:115 mm

Focal ratio:f/7

Focal length:805 mm

Coating: Multicoated


Limit value: 12.1mag

Max. useful visual power:230 x

Backfocus: 220 mm

Focuser: 3.5″ Starlight Feather Touch, 360° rotatable

Connection to eyepiece: 3.5″ to 2″ and 2″ to 1 1/4″

Viewfinder: Bracket for 50 mm Viewfinder, Viewfinder optional

Tube diameter: 136 mm

Length during observing: 760 mm

Transportation length: 650 mm

Dewcap diameter: 152 mm

Length of Dewcap: 230 mm

Width of Tube rings: 2 Tube rings each 24 mm

Threads in Tube rings: 1/4 Zoll 3 x

Distance of threads: centric and 60 mm

Tube weight: 19.8 lb incl. Tube rings

Included accessories: Adapter 3.5″/2″ and 2″/1 1/4″ with Brass Clamp, 2″ Extension tube 80 mm, set of Tube rings, 2 Covers

Case: optional


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