10×50 E-Series Waterproof Binocular Solar Kit

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  • Use this binocular and solar filter set combo to explore the Sun safely
  • Included 10×50 E-Series Waterproof Astronomy Binoculars provide 10-power views with a 6.5-degree field-of-view
  • Attach the included E-Series Solar Filters to the 10×50 binocular to view the Sun safely
  • Remove the E-Series Solar Filters for great views of wildlife, scenery, and starry skies
  • CAUTION: Never look directly at the Sun, even for an instant, through binoculars without solar filters installed that completely cover the front lenses


In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


Study the Sun safely with this combination of E-Series Solar Filters and our E-Series 10×50 binocular. With the white-light solar filters installed, this combo lets you safely explore the Sun at 10x magnification to see sunspots other solar phenomena. When you don’t want to look at the Sun, just remove the E-Series Solar Filters from the 10×50 binocular and use it without filters to explore daytime vistas.


Orion 10×50 E-Series Waterproof Astronomy Binoculars

These 10×50 Binoculars will give you great views without having to worry about rain or damp weather conditions. At 10-power, this binocular is more powerful than typical 7×50 or 8×42 binoculars, which means you’ll be able to tease out better views of night sky treasures such as star clusters and craters on the Moon’s rugged surface. The binoculars’ big, 50mm objective lenses collect over 50 times the amount of light that your eye can grab, so you’ll be able to see many, many more celestial objects in much greater detail than with unaided eyes. Plus, with the included E-Series Solar Filters installed, the 10×50 binoculars become an ideal Sun-viewing solution so you can safely see sunspots, transits, eclipses and other solar phenomena.


2.54″ ID Set of Orion E-Series Solar Filters for Binoculars

Once installed on 50mm binoculars, these E-Series Solar Filters display the Sun in a pleasing, natural yellow-orange color unlike the unnatural blue shade cast by some other types of filters. The yellow-orange image of the Sun yields high levels of contrast and clarity for sharp solar views. The lightweight solar filter housings feature an inside diameter (ID) of 2.54″, which means they fit binoculars whose objective lens barrels have an outer diameter between 2.38″-2.5″ (60.3mm-63.5mm). Their 2.54″ inside diameter makes these solar filters a perfect fit when installed on Orion 10×50 E-Series binoculars

Warning: Never look directly at the Sun through binoculars — even for an instant — without professionally made solar filters that completely cover the front lenses of the instrument, or permanent eye damage could result.

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Dimensions 2.5 × 9 × 4 in


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