Expanse 20mm Eyepiece 1.25″

Code: OR-08923

This 20mm Expanse 1.25″ telescope eyepiece offers a wide field of view and superior optical performance at a bargain price
Long 18mm eye relief lets eyeglass wearers view the entire field comfortably without removing their glasses
Expanse eyepieces offer a wide 66-degree apparent field of view to let you see more of the sky
Delivers sharp views with good color correction and high contrast
Aluminum barrel is internally blackened to eliminate internal light scattering, and is threaded to accept 1.25″ Orion filte


In stock

In stock


With its 66° apparent field of view, this 20mm Orion Expanse Telescope Eyepiece will definitely turn up the ‘Wow!’ factor in your deep-sky observing experiences! Imagine taking in objects like the Andromeda Galaxy, the Double Cluster, or the star clouds in Sagittarius in one sweep! With an Expanse in your focuser, you can!

This 20mm focal length Expanse ocular has a big eye lens to peer into and a long, comfortable 18mm eye relief. Eyeglass wearers can view the entire field without removing their glasses. All eyepiece elements are fully coated, with the outer lens multi-coated for additional light transmission. The 1.25″ aluminum barrel is threaded for filters and internally blackened to eliminate internal scattering. And its fold-down rubber eyeguard enhances contrast by blocking stray light.

With our Expanse eyepieces you get a super wide field of view and superior optical performance. And check out the price. You also get a bargain!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in


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