2x 2-Elements Barlow Lens 2″

Code: OR-08762
  • Increase the power of any 2″ eyepiece by a factor of 2x – for example: makes a 30mm eyepiece perform like a 15mm eyepiece
  • Especially good for high-power lunar and planetary observing with big 2″ telescope eyepieces
  • Also includes a handy step-down 1.25″ adapter for use with 1.25″ eyepieces
  • Features 30mm clear aperture
  • Requires 54mm (2 1/8″) additional back focus. Threaded for use with 2″ filters


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In keeping with our tradition of offering top-notch astronomy gear at great prices, Orion is proud to offer our 2″ diameter, 2x Barlow Lens at a very affordable price. Like other 2x Barlow lenses, this big 2″ model provides a 2-time power-boost to any 2″ eyepiece so you can enjoy double the magnification of any 2″ ocular. Just insert this Barlow into a telescope’s 2″ focuser and then insert any 2″ eyepiece into the Barlow to double the power of the eyepiece.

This big Barlow has a huge 2″-diameter that’s optimized to work with virtually all 2″ telescope eyepieces. The 2″ 2x Barlow is the perfect complement to 2″ eyepieces such as the Orion DeepView and Q70 lines; and it works well with other brands of 2″ eyepieces too. An included 1.25″ adapter ensures all your 1.25″ eyepieces will work with the 2″ 2x Barlow Lens as well.

While 2″ eyepiece users are often trying to stretch the limits of their telescopes to obtain wider, low power fields of view, there are many times when more power is needed to tease out detail from a small deep sky object or planet. Orion’s 2″ 2x Barlow Lens features multi-coated lenses for high contrast and glare reduction. It’s even threaded for use with big 2″ filters to further enhance your astronomical adventures.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 6 × 4 in


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