APM Ultra Flat Field 10mm Eyepiece 60° FOV

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APM High-quality eyepiece for binotelescopes


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In stock


APM Ultra Flat Field 10mm Eyepiece 60° FOV

Introducing a high-quality eyepiece for binotelescopes!  The 1.25″ Ultra Flat Field 10mm Eyepiece features a high quality standard and a very compact design. Notably, this is designed to remove the field curvature at the edge of you view. Furthermore, this results in a flat, distortion-free image up to the edge of the visible field of view. Moreover, this effect is evident even in very fast telescopes. In addition, the eyepiece has over – sized eyepiece lenses for the largest possible field of view. Significantly, the 20mm eye-relief (also suitable for spectacle wearers), eye-rubber allows for a comfortable view.  Importantly, all lenses have a broad-band-multi-coating (FMC) and blackened lens edges. Finally, the plug-in sleeve is equipped with a thread for 1.25″ filters. All in all, this eyepiece is a great addition to your accessory collection for sharp, clear, viewing.

Specials about this eyepiece!
1.25 “connector with integrated filter thread
Large upper field lens for comfortable optical insight
Suitable for eyeglasses users
Border Sharp Image
High quality multi-coating
Can be used universally
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Dimensions 1.25 × 0.67 × 1.02 in


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