The evolution of mounts

The DDM85 is ASA’s workhorse for professional Astrophotographers and is still suitable for portable use. Load capacity of 100 kg, can also be modified on equatorial pier.


Characteristic features

The tracking accuracy is excellent and therefore in most cases one can turn off guiding. This is impressively demonstrated in this PEM-PRO-record. Tracking without correction via autoguider over a period of one hour shows 0,68” peak to peak and 0,18” RMS, respectively (the setup used for this record was: ASA DDM85 and ASA 16N OK3).

Basic equipement

  • Controlsoftware Autoslew
  • Sequence Software
  • Counterweight 17kg
  • Counterweight 34kg
  • Counterweight shaft
  • Telescope mounting plate
  • Power cord
  • 2 x USB calbe
  • 4 x Cable for internal connections
  • 24V Power supply

Optional Accessories

  • Equatorial pier

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