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Lunt Solar Systems are a FACTORY DIRECT USA distributor for ASA. Why buy from Austria when you can purchase an ASA system from Lunt Solar at the same price.
Our price includes: Sales Support, Contract Support, Monetary Exchange Protection, Crating, International Shipping, Customs paperwork duties and taxes, & Technical Assistance.
Installation available at an additional charge.

Shop and Compare: ASA products offer superior industry performance at highly competitive price points. 

Lunt Solar Systems is an authorized dealer for ASA Astrosysteme GmbH professional telescopes in the United States. Significantly, ASA is known around the world for exceptional engineering.  Furthermore, Lunt Solar Systems will work with your procurement department to import, install and configure your professional telescope.
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ASA (founded 2002) develops, produces, and sells high-class systems for astronomical applications. The product range covers systems for astrophotography, custom made scientific telescopes of up to 1,m m diameter.  Additionally, high precision and fully automated direct-drive telescope mounts, and tracking systems, e.g. for LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) applications.

The company is positioned in the high-end sector and provides professional solutions for a variety of scientific projects. ASA professional telescopes are installed at, Next-Generation Transit Survey (NGTS) and the ESO Paranal Observatory or the ZIMSMART (Zimmerwald Small Aperture Robotic Telescope) of the University to Bern. Furthermore, the company portfolio also covers professional amertgeur market. Notably, the innovative products excel in quality and price-performance ratio. Additionally, an export rate of 90% (50% out of Europe), in-house R&D, production, and sales provide high added value in Austria.

Currently, more than 25 full time employees are working at the company headquarters in Neumarkt im Mühlkreis. Markedly, their numbers are rising rapidly. The modern facility has a 1000 m2 production area equipped with state-of-the-art equipment next to the office wing.

ASA provides a variety of technical facilities. This includes state-of-the-art metrology and most recent CNC production machines.  Additionally, we produce software for the development of electronics, construction, and optical design. Moreover, the production of custom and special parts as well as production and metrology for precision-optics, such as mirrors and lenses, can be done in-house.

ASA Astrosystems GmbH is a privately owned company which mainly develops and produces astronomical devices. Recently, intensive work has been done on the development and construction of entire observatories. These installations including all equipment (such as telescope mounts, tracking systems, professional telescopes, optics, hardware, software, electronics). Certainly, for astronomical devices, the cost-benefit factor is very much in the foreground. All development steps and services have been realized with company employees in-house. Indeed,  ASA’s products are currently considered to be the best value for money in the world.