Lunt Solar Systems 2″ Crayford Dual Speed Focuser


Lunt Solar Systems Crayford Dual Speed Focuser

  • Dual Speed, 10:1 Fine Focus
  • 2″ Draw Tube Travel
  • Internal Braking System
  • Draw Tube Compression Ring System
  • Lifting Capacity: 8-10 Pounds
  • Made in the USA

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Our nicely machined 2″ dual speed 10:1 Crayford-style focuser, designed and made in house at Lunt’s machine shop, is now available for all Lunt Solar Universal Day and Night Telescopes and has course as well as fine focus adjustments with its smooth action focusing knobs.

With a travel distance of 52mm, we designed this Crayford-Style 10:1 focuser for a variety of uses and applications alongside our Universal Telescope. Whether you are shooting night time photography, or simply spending a day in the Sun, the New Lunt Crayford Focuser is sure to delight and keep you steady!

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